Shocking truth about plastic bags

We all know that plastics placed a major threat not just in our society but also in our own house itself. Living a busy life, it’s very hard for me to keep up the demands on living a much healthier and greener life but if you have the flame burning in your heart, this is not a very hard thing to achieve. One way to help our Mother Earth is to eliminate the use of plastic bags and there are many options and alternative ways.

I know that it would be very difficult to start saying no to plastic bags especially when we go everywhere, plastic bags is what everybody used. From the grocery, to the market and on the small stores where we bought our stuff and of course those plastic bags we used to keep our trash, remember the black, green, white and those colored plastic bags they used, they are all plastics.  Plastic becomes a big part of our every day life  but then there is always this saying that there is no difficult thing unless you tried it and there is always no harm in trying.

Garbage (image via net)

Have you ever wonder if there is no plastic bags?  At first, you might say life will be incomplete or life can be hard.    Plastic is versatile, lightweight, flexible, moisture resistant, durable, strong and relatively inexpensive.  There are many kinds of plastics but the most wide known chemical is the BPA, because it poses a great risk and were links to many numerous ailments and death too.  If you will know the shocking truth about plastic bags then you will begin having second thoughts on using them.

Many countries have enacted laws aimed to decrease the use of plastic bags, i remember not so long ago, I saw on the news that Valenzuela, Philippines seeks to ban the use of plastic bags in their city considering that it poses as one of the main factors why their cities are always on flood.  There are many green groups that advocates on no plastic and there are  establishments   that are also aiming to help the no plastic policy and they are now using recycled paper /packs to be used on their products instead of plastics. Mc Donalds, Starbucks, Mister Donuts are just one of the many establishments whom i know that uses recycled paper although I must say that they also use plastics.  It’s not consistent, don’t you think but then simple act can be a big impact if we will know how to properly use it.

Plastics  can not be eliminated overnight but there are some ways to help minimize them, one way is to used canvas bags , katsa bags or popularly known as eco-bags on your next visit to the supermarket or department stores.  (SM and Rustans are just one of the biggest shopping mall in the country that promotes eco-bags on their consumers) Eco-bags are very easy to bring, lightweight and fashionable too.   There is also the bayong that DTI are promoting.  It was made from abaca or the local lily flower and was turned into a beautiful bag that you can use whenever you need it.  ( Watch out for it  because I am also planning to give some on this blog)

There are many ways we can be plastic free, start from recycling them and if you ever had the chance, don’t use them.

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  1. So true!

    I want to vote but I guess it’s not clickable. My answer is yes I can eliminate using plastic bags. My family is an advocate of green living. perhaps later I’ll post one of the ways of eliminating the use of plastic bags.

  2. ain’t clickable pO!

  3. I support anything that helps preserve the environment. I can only do so little like avoiding the use of plastics and styro as much as I can.

  4. i remember years back, a long long time ago. My grandma use bilao at basket made of abaka or from tree leaves/stem .the paper bags made of old news paper and telephone directory.But those are gone now, we use plastic bag anywhere and already proved how bad it is to the nature because it is no biodegradable(tama ba?).

  5. well done post. I HATE PLASTICS!
    hope you can visit me too,

  6. I’m all for eliminating plastics but I agree with you that this is not an easy task. I like SM’s bags. They’re very handy and sturdy as well. I’d like to join your poll, too. It’s not working, though:)

  7. I am all for plastic free environment. I am glad a lot of LGUs are joining the others in banning the use of plastics.

  8. Muntinlupa and Sta. Rosa, Laguna banned plastics in their cities already. It’s just a matter of willpower.

  9. I agree that we should avoid using plastic bag whenever we can.

  10. Kalabasa K. Kamote says

    We have started recycling plastic bags provided to us when doing our shopping at the grocery. The initiative has been bringing good results.

  11. special education philippines says

    I saw a notice posted beside the counter of Home Depot Ortigas that Pasig has enacted an ordinance prohibiting the use of plastic bags for merchants to use in their stores. However, SM Megamall still uses plastic bags. I wonder why it is not city-wide or if SM Megamall is in the process of following this ordinance soon?

  12. we can help in our own little way in reducing the plastic waste. i do my share in bringing reusable bags or use boxes instead of plastic when shopping for groceries.

  13. Maria Coro says

    SM Megamall is already using brown bags, we saw shoppers holding one last Monday (6.12), though I’m not sure if that would be for good.

  14. Actually government should do right now, if we do not do something right now then theses plastic bags may imbalance our environmental structure.

    Around billions of tons of petroleum oil and other organic products are consumed to produce billions of poly bags.

    Jute bags is also a very good option along with the canvas bags as an alternative of plastic bags.

  15. Though it seems hard at first, once you get used to it, plastic bags will be a thing of the past. Our city has been plastic-free for a year now, and I’m really happy about it. 🙂

  16. Gigi Beleno says

    Agree! plastic can be flexible and handy but it has more disadvantages that people should be more aware of. I am glad that my own local community has already enacted and in full implementation the “no plastic” policy.

  17. Ma and I came home earlier form robinson;s Magnolia and yes the mall is so serious about implementing the plastic ban 🙂 Let’s all move forward and think positive about paper and eco bags for we will surely benefit from it.

  18. I was surprised to find out that Robinsons Supermarket started charging Php2 for every plastic that a customer will have for his grocery purchases. That’s because they’re implementing an ordinance to help reduce the use of plastics in Mandaluyong. Next time, I’ll bring my eco-bags when I do my grocery shopping.

  19. what a great campaign…:) I agree, that’s why we prefer to use paper bags…not all the time though because some other stores don’t offer paper bags…just plastic.

  20. Some big grocery stores are having a day off every week in using plastic bags for their customers.

  21. Definitely! I can eliminate using plastic bags when shopping to the grocery store or even at the mall. Some stores here would ask if you want plastic or paper and if I don’t have my fabric bags with me, I go with the paper. I am making more fabric bags to use everytime we go grocery shopping because we always end up buying a lot of things and I ran out of fabric bags. The poor sea creatures are also affected by this plastic waste problem and when each of us starts to do our own responsibility, I think this plastic problem would be minimized. We just got to keep preaching.

  22. And oh! If you haven’t seen this blog yet, but Green Bag Lady is a blog dedicated to not using plastic, but fabric bags. She makes tons and tons of fabric bags along with other dedicated ladies to giveaway for free in the promise that the person will use the bag. and her name is Teresa.

  23. it is hazardous indeed not just to our environment but to our health as well. I heard the PI is trying to implement the NO plastic bags anymore, every person wants to use plastic bags will pay 2pesos something? we should all use reusable bags instead.

  24. Having been move to where we are now, made me realised how much we contributed to the climate change by rather being stubborn and refusing to a greener living. Now, we are totally green as grass. No more plastic bags and recycle everything that can be recycled as laws strictly imposed here in our country. Shops and stores are forbidden to hand-out free plastic bags either so you have no choice but bring your own or buy a reusable bag. It’s good for our mother nature and saving the future generation. Well, that’s what i think anyway.

  25. it has been all over the internet now of how plastic was not really good to the environment, especially for the earth. if burnt plastic has been initiated, this can ruin our earth as well. therefore, it is really recommendable to consider using paper bags or reusable bags which i always consider to do when shopping. a lot of stores theses also offer 10 cents off too when you were using your own bags.

  26. here in our place, we save grocery plastic bags and bring them to the grocery store’s recycling bins. or if those plastic bags are too pretty, i’ll reuse them.

  27. I am currently involved in a campaign to get single use disposable plastic bags banned in my city. With reusable alternatives available, there is just no excuse for all the harm that plastic causes.

  28. it’s about time that people stop using plastic but I think the alternative use of brown paper bag can also damage the environment, not just the trees that’s needed to cut to make trees but as well as the manufacturing of paper bags.. I am all for using your own eco bag 🙂

  29. Great information indeed for those who abuses mother earth!

  30. Cebu Events Blog says

    Plastic are dreaded stormbringer.. grrr

  31. Jessica Cassidy says

    Sometimes I use paper bag when I go to grocery story, that way I can recycle the bag after I put all the groceries away 🙂

  32. We really try to bring our eco-bags to shop. But sometimes, we get the plastic bags from supermarkets like SM where they give out biodegradable plastic bags so that we can use them for the trash.

  33. I wish plastic will be banned in our malls just like in Davao City..

  34. It sure is hard to eliminate plastics but little by little, we sure can be able to manage living a plastic-free life.

  35. I think we should also learn how to properly dispose our trash too. I am for no plastic policy…


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