Simple Steps to Improve Heat Distribution In Your Home

The equal distribution of heat is a common problem that homeowners face during the cold and freezing winter season. The modern architecture of the house, room usage and the homeowners’ living habits and lifestyle make it difficult to heat a house perfectly. However, there are some ways which can help you make sure that your house remains warm even during the peak time of winter. 


Installation of a ceiling fan is extremely important when it comes to equal heat distribution because warm air rises and the fan redistributes this warm air in the entire room. If you already have the fan but are not experiencing the difference, then kindly check the fan setting. The fan should be blowing down or it should be pulling air from the ceiling. 


Make sure to contact a certified technician to perform maintenance and vent adjustments regularly. Homeowners can perform some of the minor work as well. You can check the air vent and ensure that air grills are clean and free from any obstruction. Professionals actually recommend not closing the vents fully to achieve full efficiency. However, you can close the vents of the room which are not used frequently to about 3/4th of the way. If you notice that the heating fins are already bent, you can straighten it using a plastic comb. 


Changing the filter of your HVAC system and other heating equipment should be done on a regular basis. Whenever you notice any reduction in the performance of the heater, the filter should be checked first because most of the time it is one of the main culprits for this issue. Dust particles, hair and other debris block the filter making it difficult for warm air to enter the room from the ducts. Replacing the filter makes sure that the right amount of warm air enters the room. 


You can save on energy costs by replacing your conventional thermostat with a programmable thermostat which provides a timer and allows 2 setback periods a day. You don’t want your house to get warm all the time even when you are not at home.


 One of the most common problems for an entirely new or a renovated house is maintaining balanced heat distribution throughout the house. Poorly installed return air grills and ducts, leaking ducts and undersized ductwork can cause discomfort to the homeowners and also result in higher heating costs. Rebalancing the HVAC system by adjusting the dampers can help. In case you’re using a centralized air conditioner which utilizes the same ductwork, you could simply reset it. 


 To improve warm air distribution, seal all of the plenums and supply and return air ducts using aluminium foil duct tape or flexible plastic tape. Heating ducts passing through unheated basements and crawl space in your home must be insulated as well. Foil-faced fiberglass blankets are specifically designed for this purpose. Wrap it around the ducts and secure it with the help of a string or wire. Place the foil insulation between the radiators and exterior walls in case of a hydronic system to reflect heat back into the room. 



A superior quality curved radiator is the best option when you decide to warm up specific rooms at your house like your bedroom. It can be made according to your preferred measurement and design making your space look much more stunning. The main advantage of using a curved radiator is that it distributes warm air evenly and requires less maintenance. 


The above-mentioned processes can help you to maintain heat distribution in your home. But if you are still not able to get the right amount of temperature, it is wise to call a professional to check for any issues. 

Do you know more methods on how to improve the heat distribution in your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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