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 Skinny Skinny begins when it’s founder Clara experiments with her own homemade skin care recipes while she was making a gift for her mom. Her first experiments still lives on up to this date with their Lavender and Eucalyptus Organic soap. Formulated to have only essential high-quality ingredients, with each ingredient serving a particular function in healing, soothing, cleaning or restoring skin to healthiest and most radiant, Clara created an organic product line, skinny of all filler ingredients. Her skinny skin care line from NY was born: skinnyskinny.

A year ago, while browsing the net with organic skin care product, i chanced upon this pretty packaging of organic soap which was called skinny skinny.  Today, I’m happy to be given the chance to try their organic skin care collection.

Their collection are definitely organic which aims to support a beautiful, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  Each product is made from certified organic ingredients to create luxurious and unique products.


As stated there are no synthetics or artificial preservatives are included in every skinny skinny products. One can be assured that there is no sulfates, parabens, or perfumes that was  included. all ingredients are organic.

Organic Anti-Acne Treatment

It’s been a while since I’m having this acne problems.  It started when I got pregnant with my first child and since then my acne problems became worst.  I’m hoping that in time this serum will eventually clear all my acne worries.

This serum includes a Babassu Oil (the truth is I have never heard of it so i need to check on Mr. Google about it) further reading says that Babassu oil or cusi oil and popularly grown in the Amazon.  It was a substitute for coconut oil and has an amazingly powerful natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

Other ingredients include Niaouli Oil, Lavender Oil and Thyme Oil to name a few, all work to balance your skin’s natural oil production to help combat even the most stubborn hormonal acne. (skinny skinny)

I love the idea that this product is non greasy and most of all non-drying.  My previous anti acne spot corrector makes my skin dry as ever and leaves a darker mark which makes me freak more.

Many of my friends would often comment that organic and green products is much expensive than the usual products that can be bought over the counter but this serum only cost $24 and can be consume for around 2 to 3 months.  That’s a lot of savings and a welcome thoughts of having a acne free face.

(from skinny skinny website)

Organic Rose & Red Clover Blossom Toner

Formulated to help re-balance the skin’s neutral ph after every cleansing. This Organic rose & red clover blossom toner rejuvenates your dry skin and help your skin feels more cleaner that ever. The light smell of roses combined with the red clover blossom extract made this toner leaves your skin smelling so sweet.

The best part is the fact that all ingredients are organic so I don’t need to worry on any toxic or harmful chemicals.


Overall, I’m definitely recommending this to my friends. I also would love to check on their other products.  My eyes are fixed on their coconut ginger lime body scrub. I am a great fan of ginger and lime and it helps sooth me on a cold night.

To learn more organic products visit Skinny Skinny today or better yet, follow their Facebook page for new updates.

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