SM Green Film Festival 2011 – GM # 31

2011 green film festival

Each year SM Corporation is making their share to encourage and educate the public about green knowledge or what we called caring for the environment.  This is this fair share to spread environmental advocacy and a way to teach value to every living man. This year, every third monday or tuesday of the month three (3) documentary films are available for organization and schools for a free showing.

2011 SM Green Film Festival

This is a good way for children to be aware of our environment.  I do hope that all our local schools will avail this free showing.

Featured Film:

State of the Planet – Is a three part environmental documentary produced by BBC .  This aims to find answer to potential ecological crisis that threatens the earth.

Project Noel – a short environmental advocacy film which aims to spread the value of recycling and love for Mother Earth.

Santuwaryo – (Sanctuary) We all have the power to create our own paradise, in our own sanctuary.  This is a documentary film based on the story of Corazon Jayma.

To learn more about this films,  visit the nearest SM office.

Thank you for joining.  To grab our badge,  just copy the link of the badge and link it to us!

Have a beautiful weekdays ahead of  you and don’t forget to visit other green entries.

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  1. I like how SM is really putting an effort in being environment friendly 🙂 I hope other BIGTIME establishments will also do the same…

  2. reminds me of that Al Gore global warming docu. I guess, with what’s happening to our planet now, it is not too late to effect change which emanates from ourselves.

  3. Indeed! it is a great way for children to be aware sa ating kalikasan….what a great cause!

  4. ang galing sure is a good cause!

  5. it’s my first time here sis and my first time to join this meme. hope you could visit my blog :d

  6. this sure is a refreshing blog. it sure is nice for my blog. sis i would like to feature your blog in Life and Leisure. Would you be willing to write about your blog and your advocacy? then maybe you can send me a photo? PM me in Facebook: Lo Sigrid. :d

  7. Oh i like that kind of cause..I just join…

  8. A great festival.

  9. jared's mum says

    shoemart’s efforts to do their share in spreading environmental concern + awareness to the people is really commendable.

    it has been awhile since i last joined this meme…am glad to join this week….

  10. It’s only now that I heard about these films. It’s a good way for the kids to learn about mother nature and be aware of the global warming. thanks for sharing, Sis Ria!

  11. This will make the children more aware of what’s happening around them and to take simple measures on how to take care of our environment. This definitely environment awareness at its best!

  12. We( SINHS teachers) had the chance to watch one of the movie yesterday, with our 350 students, and I realized, a good movie does not require:
    * a multi-million budget,
    * well-known and multi-awarded actors
    * and a good publicity and promotions
    JUST GOOD INTENTIONS and with a GOOD CAUSE,like ” SANKTWARYO”.Thanks to all those who initiated this good project..KUDOS…

  13. wow!!!two thumbs up to SM!!
    this is one way on how to disseminate good values to young minds and to adults as well..


  1. thank you beautyqueengene! says:

    […] mum is all for natural + green products, especially the ones that I use on my little man’s über sensitive skin. That is why […]

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