Social responsibilities for retailers

LikeĀ all other areas of life, the retail world has felt the need to address issues concerning the environment. Not only does providing a more energy-efficient way of doing business mean that costs can be cut, but it can also provide good publicity regarding consumers who are evermore aware of how important green issues can be.

Consumer concerns

Recent government-led initiatives include a scheme to ensure that customers pay for any plastic bags used when purchasing products. This project has already enjoyed a huge deal of success through a test scheme in Wales which managed to cut the use of plastic bags by 70% since a small charge was implemented.

Other firms such as Bedstar have provided a helpful recycling service for customers who purchase a new bed and want to dispose of their old, bulky bed in an environmentally friendly manner.

In the workplace

Similarly, there are so many efforts that can be undertaken in the workplace to ensure that any environmental wastage is limited. These can take the form of specialised recycling bins for paper, cans and plastic, as well as efforts made to limit energy wastage when the building isn’t being used.

As retail outlets often recruit large amounts of staff, it can also be a good idea to try and implement a car share system in order to aid your staff arrive at work. Sites like Lifeshare provide a way for workers to share the burden of fuel costs and travel time, and it can help boost staff morale as well as limiting the firm’s overall carbon footprint.

Green products

There is a huge promotional advantage to be had in promoting products and services which are green-friendly. By using materials that are either recycled or made from sustainable products, the firm will do their bit for the planet and learn their social responsibilities in the community and also help the environmentally-friendly cause.

The realization of the importance of the ‘green pound’ has also brought businesses together in hitherto unimaginable ways. And the cross-pollination of ideas between businesses on a local scale can do much to aid the smaller business in combating the rise of large online retailers by offering a bespoke service that can cut down on delivery costs.

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