Solar energy for kids

Are you one of those mothers, who believe that we need to save the planet and do you think your children should grow up with the right ideas and values on the matter? Well included in this article is some interesting facts you can teach them!

solar energy


  • “Solar”  comes from the Latin meaning sun.
  • As far back as the 1830’s a British man John Herschel used solar power to cook food whilst adventuring in Africa.
  • In 1910 the first large-scale solar plant was used to generate electricity. The sun was passed through a system of mirrors before heating up water and generated steam to turn a turbine that subsequently generated electricity.

The sun

  • The diameter of the sun is about eight hundred and seventy thousand miles!
  • The sun is made almost completely out of Hydrogen
  • A hollow sun could contain three hundred and thirty three thousand earths inside!
  • When you see the moon, it’s because the suns light reflects off of it.
  • It takes the earth 365 days to go round the sun.

Solar energy

  • With solar panels scientists can catch the lights energy and turn it into electricity.
  • This energy can also be used to heat up water so you can have a hot shower in the morning.
  • Ten thousand homes in the United States are powered Only By energy generate using solar panels.

What could happen in the future?

  • Lots of scientists and engineers keeps studying renewable energies so that they can make even smarter inventions in the future.
  • Some spaceships could be powered by solar panels so they never need fuel again.
  • Electric cars might have solar panels on their roofs so you never have to stop to fill up again!
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