Solar energy – Renewable Energy

I have heard so much regarding renewable energy and thought it’s worth checking out considering the fact that I have very limited ideas on this topic.

Renewable Energy is actually energy that comes from the natural resources which includes, sunlight, rain, tides, wind and geothermal  heat.  They were called renewable because they are naturally replenished.

Sunlight or solar energy is one of the famous source of renewable energy.  The solar energy can be used for heat, electricity and light. The solar energy has many uses in our everyday life, this includes;

  • generating electricity.
  • lighting homes for indoor and outdoor
  • solar cooking
  • Drying our clothes (this means saving effort and electricity instead of using our dryer)
  • heating your home through the use of passive solar design (this was done without needing electricity but only with how you design your home)

Because of the benefits of solar energy, many countries have been using them.  Because it is much cheaper and doesn’t produce pollution unlike the other forms of power and the most important of all is it is not harmful in our environment which makes it more popular.

Read to know more about how solar energy can help us:

Top countries that are using solar energy:

Top ten countries that use solar energy (from the net)


Solar Panels

Because of the increasing demand and popularity of solar energy, different companies have created and introduced solar panels in the market.

What is solar panel:

Facts says that solar panel is basically made of  wafers of crystalline silicon, and attached wires.  A more explained fact about solar panel is that it was a combination of magnifying glasses and fluid filled pipes. The solar panel seen opposite has a glass front which is specially made to focus the power of the sun on pipes behind it. The pipes carry a special fluid that heats up rapidly. They are painted black to absorb the heat from the sun. The silver reflective surface behind the pipes reflects sun light back, further heating the pipes and the fluid they contain. The reflective surface also protects anything behind the solar panel (such as a roof). The heat produced in the pipes is then used to heat a tank of water. This saves using electricity or gas to heat up the water tank. ?

Solar panels are one of the great source of renewable energy

 Solar panels have been a major hit in many countries around the world and it is making it’s moved here in the Philippines.  Let us be more aware of how important to conserve power and energy.  Many studies shows that our sun is dying and just thinking about it, makes me wonder what will happen to us.

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