Soy and it’s benefits

Soy and its benefits

Soy milk is a very nutritious drink that was made from soaking, mashed grinding and boiling soya beans with water, simmered and filtered.   It has many nutritional benefits which promotes  phytochemicals, such as isoflavones, phytates, saponins and polyphenols.  The taste of soy milk is somewhat similar to milk and  is more popularly known as an ingredient to make tofu (tokwa) and my favorite taho.

It is also used to replace milk for babies or people who suffers from lactose intolerance.  Although, facts shows that it is not rich in calcium but it can help reduce osteoporosis.

A single serving of soy milk (just like above picture) contains several vitamins and minerals.  It has riboflavin , folate, thiamin, vitamin e and k, niacin, manganese, selenium, magnesium and phosporus.

Drinking soy milk can help those people who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases and can even prevent cancer.  It is also good for those who are suffering menopausal stages or postmenopausal syndromes and what’s the best part of all the good benefits is the fact that it can promote weight loss which i definitely needed.

Soya master is a product of Malaysia and contains no preservatives.  They offer soy milk with different added ingredients like Strawberry, Honeydew, Natural Soy and Chocolate, to make drinking more worthwhile.  Although, i am not fully aware of it’s ingredients whether it’s really no preservatives because other companies do claim their products is indeed no preservatives but I can assure you that you will love the taste of it and of course, the healthy benefits is the most important of all.

Disclosure:  This post is my own opinion and  point of view.  I am not paid nor given a product for this review.


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