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I always believe that living a greener life starts with  acceptance, attitude and right choices.  When you decide to live this life, you make choices that is not just beneficial to you and your family but also with your community as well as to our environment.

With the rising awareness about green natural living, many brands and companies are joining the advocacy presenting their different products of eco-friendly, organic or natural products.  Sprout watches which for 50 years producing best selling timepieces had created a line of high-quality, affordable eco-forward watches to reach not just the rich and famous but most importantly the majority of people to spread this green awareness.

Sprout watches uses different eco-friendly materials, some of this comes from;

  • corn resin – similar to synthetic plastics, this does not break even with regular wear and uses.  corn resin is 99% biodegradable and does not use oil resources during production.
  • organic cotton  –  is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment and without the  use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  • cork – a highly sustainable resource, being both biodegradable and renewable.
  • bamboo -a renewable plant that can grow back after its three to five year harvesting period. It largely doesn’t need chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow.
  • recyled fibers – Sprout packaging is made from at least 80% post consumer fibers. It is both recycled and recyclable.
  • fish skins –  an  eco-friendly alternative to animal leather because ocean leather manufacturers use the by-product of the skin from fish farmers who are catching non-endangered species for human consumption. The skins are pliable, durable, beautifully textured and amazingly luxurious and because of the uniqueness of the patterns, no two skins are exactly alike.  (learn more about this at sprout eco-facts)

sprout watches (image via website)

What I love about Sprout watches beside being fashionable is the fact that they are made and manufactured using eco-friendly products.  Honestly, even if i have heard before about fish skins, i never encountered a product using one and it was indeed not just exotic but brilliantly unique.  Each time pieces are created with passion to bring beautiful time pieces with the thought of helping our environment, an advocacy worth spreading.

Just as I have always told my readers, fashion doesn’t need to be very luxurious, because even with what you think is already trash, it can be a brilliant invention for another one.

Sprout eco watches  offers affordable watches for women, men and kids alike.  This is indeed a must have for all eco-moms like me, a perfect gift for your relative and friends.  Learn more about Sprout Watches by visiting their website.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter or pin your favorite watch on Pinterest.

Now, here’s the best part,  in connection with My Green Living Ideas Earth Day Giveaway, sprout watches is very generous to offer my lovely readers a chance to have their own Sprout watches .  just enter the link to join.


Celebrate Green Fashion with Sprout Eco-Watches Giveaway
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  1. Love them all great watches

  2. Leah Lucas says

    I like the ladies watch ST/7001MPWT

  3. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    My favorite Sprout watch is the ST/5034MPWT. It is a white watch with an owl on the face.

  4. Multicolor-Tree Sprout® bag, ST/3801BKMA – Purple large Sprout model

  5. Wanda Tracey says

    I like all of them but this is my favorite one the: ST/7001 MPWT

  6. I like the black watch. I also really like that the product is eco-friendly.

  7. Tericia Lee says

    I’d love to own the ST/7001MPWT from http://www.sproutwatches.com/valentines_day_2013

  8. A watch should be beautiful and these definitely are. My favorite is the purple resin with wooden bezel.

  9. nikki robak says

    1050 pink set

  10. Lorna England says

    Mother of pearl face w. cork band watch is my fav!!

  11. Rachel Salinas says

    I love the ST/6801TNWT watch – white with wood inlay!

  12. Michelle Perez says

    ST/6801TNWT $80.00 – The white nautical watch with the wooden face and anchor. It’s too cute!

  13. My favorite is ST/3800BKYL.

  14. Katie Roch says

    I love the ST/5020MPWT

  15. I like the pink ST/1027MPIVLP. So cute.

    Diana C

  16. I like this one! ST/5035MPGY

  17. So cool. I like the ST/3800BKBL and the ST/7001MPWT. Yes, a blue and a white one.

  18. Sharon Clark says

    The watch I like is purple with a yellow face.

  19. Deneen K Berry says

    Leaving for vacation to SanDestin, FL…Winning a white watch with gold band would be ideal for the beach

  20. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I like the men’s watch ST/7001YLGY

  21. I love the whole concept – My favorites are the black on black design. really cool looking and environmentally conscience also

  22. Angela Ellis says

    My favourite is the ladies ST/2500MPWT

  23. Michele Mascia says

    i like the ST/5020MPWT watch

  24. Judith R. says

    My favorite watch is the ST/5035MPWT watch.

  25. Cynthia C says

    i like this one: ST/5511CKKH

  26. Julie Murphy says

    the ST/3801KOL

  27. Elizabeth Kremble says

    Great lookimg watches!

  28. nikki robak says

    I like the starfish watch

  29. ELIZABETH C. says

    I like the womans ST/3801BKMA. (PINK BAND)

  30. Holly Storm-Burge says

    I love the ST/7001MPWT.

  31. Cecilia Kanhai says

    Great watches.I love them all,especially because of the materials used to make them.

  32. I like the white one: ST/7000MPWT

  33. stephanie s says

    my fav watch

  34. Arra Odeza says
  35. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I really like the ladies ST/5504GMGN
    These are all very cool watches!! And green to boot! Yay

  36. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says
  37. Brenda Penton says

    I love the ST/5007JMBK

  38. TerryLee Diemert says

    I really lick hem all, well done, but the one i like the most is the owl watch. So if i win may i have that one.PLEASE
    thank you TerryLee

  39. I like the mens ST/7001BKBK

  40. I like ST/7002GYGY.

  41. I like the ST/3600BKBKOL

  42. Evelyn Chuter says

    I love the colors of the organic cotton watches.

  43. apple grace says

    I like this. ST/5048TNWT Just beautiful.

  44. Jaime Brown says

    My favorite watch is the ST/6500MPPR, thank you:)

  45. i like this one. ST/6502MPBLWT

  46. Michelle S says

    They have a bunch of cool watches but I would pick: ST/5047JMWT (it has a summer feel to it)

  47. All of these watches are eco-friendly/ “buyer-wonderful!” I love purple and my favorite watch is ST/6500MPPR.

  48. I like the teaching time owl set – ST/1050BLUSET
    Looks like a great learning tool and the colors on the watch are just right!

  49. Megan Barnecutt says

    ST/7001MPWT Who says you can’t wear white after labour day?! Gorgeous!

  50. I like the ST/5034MPWT owl watch.

  51. Misha Estrada says

    i like ST/5500MPLV . (pretty purple watch)

  52. I can’t decide. I would probably pick a bamboo.

  53. ST/5035MPGY

  54. I really love the look of this, ST/6801TNWT, it is very clean and classic looking. I wear a lot of shorts and Tee’s living in Florida and the nautical look always works.

  55. Tim Stephens says

    This one is awesome ST/3401BKBKOL

  56. st/1013LGIVLG – LOVE THE LIGHT GREEN color

  57. marissa maestas says


  58. Brittney House says


  59. I love the Nautical Collection,this one to be exact ST/5514MPST!!! Its so pretty and would be great for Sping and Summer!

  60. Cherie Montorio says

    I would pick ST/7000MPWT.

  61. Pat Drouillard says

    nautical one is so cute

  62. Heather Swarthout says


  63. I like the purple watch. It’s a new arrival

  64. I absolutely love the sprout time time teacher set in pink! My daughter would adore this and I will be keeping it in mind for her birthday in June. Beautiful products, I am glad I discovered them. 🙂

  65. My favorite is the Woman’s Nautical 6502MPBLWT

  66. I like the ladies watch ST/6500MPLG!

  67. sherrri k says

    Picking just one it would be this purple one on the top row. But I like them all.

  68. My favorite is ST/2018MPLB, I love anything with birds on it!

  69. the starfisf is beautiful

  70. teri champion says

    st/5021mplg is my favorite!

  71. Minnette Davila says

    ST/7000MPWT is the loveliest watch…….just the fact that it is made out of an organic renewable source gives it a soul beyond just being a timepiece. I try to be as green as possible, but I never considered my watch. Thank you for showing me something new.

  72. I liked ST/7000MPWT

  73. Very nice = ST/3600BKBKBK

  74. I like ST/5021MPLG

  75. sarah oswald says

    i loved this one
    bamboo bird watch

  76. Erika Fultz says

    I really like the st-7001 in white!!


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