Star Wars Party Inspired Birthday Celebrations

Star Wars has indeed managed to become one of the most favorite themes for parties, birthdays and gatherings. With the recent success of the latest movie franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it is not a surprise to see kids being so into the Star Wars theme as well.

What are the things that make Star Wars a favorite, even with its seemingly complicated story line for kids?

star wars party supplies

Kids can be a princess, a fighter, a soldier or the enemy in the Star Wars story. That must be the reason why kids and adults alike are loving and choosing Star Wars Party. When it is time to play pretend, the types of characters the movies have offers a lot of option for kids. They can be a soldier, a robot, or an alien. Manning a spaceship and visiting different planets also appeals to children. They can fly and fight against enemies when they immerse themselves as one of the characters in the story.

The effects, costumes and weapons in the movie are also an interesting and captivating factor for kids. They can have dual edge sword, advance powered guns and defeat enemies with laser beams. The costumes are also very interesting and appealing for kids. Pretending to be one of the characters in the movie is also so easy to do thanks to the easy to but costumes, weapons and other props related to the Star Wars movie which you can easily find at Whole Sale Party Supplies.

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The hype that the Star Wars movie has brought not only to kids but adults as well will most likely resonate and be a hot topic for the months to come. If your a star wars fanatic just like my family, you will understand my delight seeing this star wars party supplies.  They come from different designs and truly something worth checking out. I specifically love the yoga tissues and R2D2’s plates. The box of party supplies are full of star wars ultimate collection from plate, cups, banners, streamers, spoon and knives, metallic foil centerpieces, table cover, star wars rebels blowouts, balloons, curling ribbon and even candles.   I am sure my son will be thrilled when he learn that we will be celebrating his birthday with a Star Wars theme.

star wars party

With a scheduled new anthology of the Star Wars series, the Star Wars: Rogue one slated for December 2016, kids will most likely enjoy celebrating their birthdays as R2D2, Hans Solo or Rey the whole year round. The upcoming film on the other hand offers more character options kids can pretend to be or copy as soon as the new anthology is released.

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