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I have always love coffee, it’s a part of my everyday life and I could never last a day without it and I guess many people would share the same sentiment and desire and knowing that one favorite brand of coffee shop had a vision of protecting the earth create a big impression.

 Starbucks commitment  on helping Mother Earth, begin in a series of process from buying their coffee from Fairtrade movement supporting small –scale farmers which is committed to help communities and a stable climate.

Their growing company-owned stores worldwide sets a high standard and commitment of using recyclable and eco-friendly material  using the LEED certified green building program to help minimize environmental footprint and waste.   With their Starbucks Shared Planet campaign , they aim that by 2015, 100% of their cups will be reusable or recyclable and by that year they will contribute more than 1 million community-service hours per year.  They also aims to engage and support 50,000 young people to take action and inspire others to take part in community building and green living ways.

Creating a better future for our community begin with a simple step of awareness, by helping people to know that there can be a brighter greener future ahead of us by starting to live a greener life today and using and supporting products and brands that helps our environment.

So, next time you visit Starbucks and sip a cup of your favorite coffee, you can  smile  because you know you have been taking part on the process of helping our environment.

 Let Your garden grow with Starbuck’s Coffee Grounds

Star bucks Coffee ground (this is just a sample of the coffee ground) 

Let your garden grow with Starbuck’s coffee ground.  Coffee grounds provide a valuable source of nutrition for your garden and by placing the proper amount depending on the quality of your soil and what you have your in garden.

Here are some tips from on how to make your garden grow with their coffee grounds. (source:  Starbucks

 –          It can be applied directly in the garden along with other materials as a side dressing for vegetables, roses and other plants.  Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen but are also acidic.  Adding brown material such as leaves and dried grass to the mulch will help keep a balanced soil pH.

–          It can as a green material with a carbon-nitrogen (C-N) ratio of 20-1 and they can make an excellent addition to your compost.  Combined with browns such as leaves and straw, coffee grounds can generate heat and will speed up the composting process.

–      Using coffee grounds in a worm bin because worms fed with coffee grounds and let it combined with other materials so the soil will flourish.

Starbucks Green Material (this is just the portion of what they will give you)  The barista actually gave a lot 🙂


What’s in Coffee grounds?

 Primary Nutrients

 Nitrogen 1.45%


Potassium 1204 ug/g

 Secondary Nutrities

Calcium 389 ug/g


 Add grounds directly to your garden

Apply this “green” material as a side dressing to nitrogen-loving plants, including most perennials and allium plants.  Balance the nutrition of your soil with “brown” materials such as leaves or dried grass.

Or to your compost

Combine with “brown” materials in your compost pile.  Use grounds within 2-3 weeks of brewing to capture the most nutritional value.

 For my simple project:

 Materials needed

Plastic cup

flower plant

Isn’t it cute and the smell is really inviting 🙂

Starbucks Shared Planet begins with me and you

To learn about Starbucks Shared Planet campaign, visit their website and take the responsibility today! To get your own coffee ground (green material) ask your friendly Starbucks Barista on your area.

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  1. Jessica Cassidy says

    I have never been to Strabuck’s yet Sis only my hubby once in awhile 🙂 your green project looks so cute and neat 🙂 Dropping by from BPC

  2. I love your Eco shirt Sis 🙂 that is so nice and cool 🙂 Dropping by from GM

  3. wow that is so cool sis! love the way u arrange your bathroom sink.

    from BPC

  4. This is awesome! I have never tried this and now I am going to tell my husband to do this. So awesome!

  5. This is very helpful. We drink coffee every morning. Now, I know what to do with the grounds:)

    Visiting for 120 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  6. that’s why i love Starbucks! even though their products are expensive, it’s worth it naman. was here for bpc!

  7. wow, can I like this 10x? 🙂
    I love green ideas and yours is very practical and doable.

    Thanks for the post.

  8. Wow, a nature lover! I like your green living ideas.

  9. Thanks is the main aim of starbucks talaga to help mother earth.

  10. Wow, this post is so informative! I’ve never ever though coffee grounds can play a part in gardening.. 🙂 Will try to do this project too some time soon! Thanks for sharing this sis ^^

  11. Good idea as to put Starbucks coffee ground to good use! I’m sure they have a lot. 🙂

  12. When I go to STarbucks, I always go over their reading materials because I love the fact that they are very concerned with the environment.


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