Staying Beautiful, Naturally this 2015

Staying and keeping oneself beautiful and looking great need not be expensive. As our bodies are exposed to pollution, chemical and sun all the time, ageing prematurely can sometimes happen. Inadequate diet and lack of exercise adds up and leads to damaging our natural body balance. Make-up can hide some of these bad effects and skin treatments can help but this can break the budget. Here are some of the tips that we can do to stay beautiful and feel good inside and out without breaking our budget. Staying beautiful naturally is something worth trying.

Homemade beauty products

It is now a known fact that the kitchen is one of the best places at home where you’ll get a chance to create your own beauty products. Mayonnaise is good for the hair, sugar can be a great lip scrub and salt can be a great body scrub. You just have to be intuitive to make a beauty product that will work as great as those branded ones. Honey is a great beauty product at home as well.

Water treatment

Water therapy can do a lot of wonders for the body. It may sound boring but nowadays, adding fruits and leaves in the water that we drink changes the game. Add lemons to a glass of water and enjoy refilling your bottle while enjoying the benefits of a safe and natural detoxifying blend. You can also mix and match your water blends and add your favorite fruits for a more  invigorating experience while staying hydrated.

Good sleeping habits

Sleep, the complete and relaxing one is great for the skin. Make sure you’ll have 6-8 hours of good sleep on a daily basis. Keep your rooms clutter free and gadgets away to promote sleep inside your rooms. Unplugged and feel the soothing experience that comes with sleeping as required on a daily basis.

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Exercise and other physical activities

Go out and enjoy the sun without having to torment the skin. Wake up early and enjoy a brisk walk of a short run as the sun rise. You can also opt to stay indoors, away from the sun and enjoy dancing to the tune of Zumba or belly dancing. A little sweat daily can do miracles for your skin pores and your total well-being.


Meditate. Find a “me” time and reflect about the past. You can also try out YOGA to discover the inner peace that comes with meditation. You can try this in the morning when there’s less stress and noise around you.

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