Stylish and Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

Looking for stylish and sustainable eco-friendly outdoor furniture for your green garden, below are some of the eco-friendly outdoor furniture that can create a great statement.

olive green furniture

Ratan Chair

Designed by Solovyov Design, this olive green furniture adds a bold but beautiful statement on your outdoor living.   This apple furniture collection was developed last 2010 which consists of armchair, sofa and a table, products are made out of ratan.

Wine barrel chairs

Wine Barrel Furniture

This stylish Wine Barrel Chair is made from 100% salvaged white oak wine barrels, discarded from California wineries. Each is individually marked with the winery brand under the seat. When folded, these oak chairs store perfectly flat.

outdoor planters by Kenneth Cobonpue (image from the net)

Outdoor Planters

A perfect outdoor planter, Sweet, practical and adding a touch of whimsy to garden or room settings, Safari by world known filipino furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue,  for the home decor accessories company Hive, is a perfect addition for your outdoor green garden.

eco-friendly outdoor friendly fire place

 Outdoor Friendly fireplace

Made from eco-friendly materials , the fireplace is a major contribution in reducing air pollution. Created by Marrio Mazzer, this fireplace not only features a unique shape, this design is also durable and it’s dark color creates a beautiful impression when lighted.

 Ratan Planters

This eco-friendly ratan planters is not just suitable but very stylish and sustainable as an outdoor furniture for your green garden.

Hand carved outdoor ideas

A hand carved stone bench or unique basalt water fountains and a gorgeous new waterfall feature using  cobbles and boulders by Sierra Pacific Designs is a perfect addition for a beautiful green garden. This garden uses eco-friendly products such as recycled glass and pebble groundcovers a sure creation of a heaven in earth.

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