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Summer Celebration

Welcome to the Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and Organic Mama through the Green Moms Network! As part of this fabulous event, a group of bloggers is each offering an eco-friendly giveaway worth $25 or more on their blogs!

human heart nature eco-products

Summer may be over for us but who says that you could not enjoy some summer goodies even with the heavy rains outside?

Who doesn’t love summer? It’s the time of year that you get to enjoy the beauty of the sun and you could look forward to a relaxing summer get-away to your favorite travel destinations. Here at My Green Living Ideas, summer is not yet over and as a matter of fact, we are giving away some really wonderful Summer Treat to one lucky reader.

What’s for grab?  A 25$ worth of Human Nature eco-products.    Human Nature is a Filipino company that offers 100% no harmful chemicals. It’s natural and organic , so you don’t need to worry on getting any allergies or whatsoever and the best part of it, the product is truly world class.  Human Nature believes that by creating a product line, they can be able to share awareness to others to use eco-friendly products that are not just beneficial for us but also good for the environment.

To cut the story short, joining is very easy.  Just wait for the rafflecopter to open and follow the simple instructions. To earn more points for a greater chances of winning, follow the succeeding instructions.  Good luck everyone and live a greener life.

P.S. The prize may not be the actual picture above.  (Open internationally)

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After you finish entering my giveaway, be sure to visit the other participating blogs, which are listed below the Rafflecopter form. Good luck everyone!

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  1. I use reusable shopping bags! 🙂

  2. I recycle and reuse anything I can. Boxes, jars etc….

  3. I recycle as much as possible, and have been making the switch the greener cleaners, toiletries, etc.

  4. Jennifer Jo Archdeacon says

    I turn water off when I brush my teeth.

  5. elven johnson says

    we reuse all glass & recycle when we are done with it.

  6. I use cloth diapers and mama cloth… I have stopped buying plastic water bottles.

  7. Marti Parks says

    I recycle and I use green cleaning products in my home.

  8. Human nature is a home grown company. I love Human Nature products because they use all natural ingredients.

  9. We recyle all that we can…paper, plastic, aluminum, batteries, glass, etc…
    Thank you!

  10. I always bring my reusable bag to avoid plastic bags and save paper bags too. We keep our plastic bottles/containers, tin cans, etc and trade it for a grocery item through Pasig City’s program.

  11. Nerissa Leia Nablo says

    We conducted seminar last February 11,2012 in FEU its GTEC (Green Thumb Eco Conference) to spread the word how to protect our mother nature. Instead of throwing a candy wrapper I just put it in my bag and throw it in the trash can. I recycle the plastics and the paper. 🙂

  12. I always bring foldable shopping bags on my shoulder bag, so whenever I buy something on my way either at the mall or at the market I don’t need to use plastic bags anymore. That’s my little contribution to save our environment.

  13. Joy Merced says

    I stopped using plastic bags from groceries. 🙂

  14. jackline bautista says

    Loving mother earth is coo.

  15. i use cloth diapers on my baby, and line dry as much laundry as possible.

  16. andalene says

    We recycler to the max limit – they dread our house, I’m sure.

  17. Aida Villanueva says

    use paper bags instead of plastic bags.

  18. Liza Marie Valenzuela says

    I use shopping bags instead of plastic bags. It’s more durable, convenient and more eco-friendly.

  19. Crystal Litz says

    I use reusable shopping bags, & have been recently transitioning from disposable to cloth diapers.

  20. Bethany Beer says

    I use cloth diapers and wipes and reusable grocery bags.

  21. Virginia says

    I use reusable bags, turn off the water when I am not using it, and have started using greener products.

  22. one thing i do to be greener is we dont leave the water running ex. when we brush our teeth, or when we have a bath/shower we make sure to get in and out. also we dont turn on lights all day and we never leave lights or tvs or anything on when we are not home. also at the moment we only recycle pop cans but we are starting to recycle more items as well.

  23. Stephanie Hungerford says

    I recycle, take short showers, wash only full loads of laundry.

    lpninpain at gmail dot com

  24. i make sure that me and my family will take care of the environment by segregating plastics from others.

  25. Lisa Hackney says

    We have started our own small, organic garden in the back yard.

  26. I use soap nuts and eco friendly laundry soap

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