Sure Fire Gifts for Dad’s this Father’s Day

Father’s day is just around the corner and you should not be tied up with the usual tie as a gift for the special man in your life. Ties may seem to be the traditional and safest gift, not to mention easy to get, for that guy in your life, but you shouldn’t be stuck with it. Break traditions and go for a bolder and more interesting gift for that special man.


Of course your man will be too pleasant to say that he would rather prefer something better than a tie and will just be thankful for another special piece added to his growing collection. But believe me father’s would rather prefer something a little bit more special than the usual tie. See a wide variety of awesome father’s day gift ideas here, you can get more than a tie but can make a total ensemble for a sleek and suave guy.  Here are some sure fire gifts for Dad’s this Father’s Day;

Find him a nice pair of shoes

If your man loves shoes, a nice pair of black leather shoes or sneakers will definitely make him smile.  Who doesn’t love shoes?  While woman first choice are bags, most men has fascination with shoes. It’s also a great way to remember you since wherever they may go, they will remember you while looking at their shoes.

Do his chores for him

Dad’s only has a day or two away from work and is stuck with the dirty job for the weekend. His either cleaning the car, trimming the lawn, fixing the kitchen sink of bathing your pets. Do this for him and give him the chance to enjoy a weekend minus the gruesome chores. If he would rather not, help him with his weekly duties to enjoy some bonding them together. You’ll get the chance to learn something new in the process as well. If you have cash to spare, buying him a new lawnmower, a tool for his car troubleshooting or anything that will add up to his pile in his toolbox is worth giving.

Treat him to the movies

Spend quality time together even with your kids. Let him enjoy an action movie, or a horror one if he prefers it on the big screen. Fathers can be sometimes too busy to spend time outside their work and homes. Spend a day out with you two or even together with the kids and let him enjoy the feeling of watching movies in cinemas once again.

Go outdoors with him

Swim, hike or camp with your father. Let him brag how he can make fire out of dried leaves and praise him on his skills in building a tent. Explore a rather rural setting, greener than usual and get a chance to see a different side of him. A set of jungle knives or hiking boots would also be a nice gift plus the time away from home.

Cook a special dinner at home

Make dinners extra special by throwing in your best dish in the kitchen. Men love to eat and by this time, his already starting to miss that delicious roasted chicken you did for Christmas. End the night with his favorite wine and cheese and enjoy reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future over a delicious meal.

Bring him to a spa

Treat him to a massage. Everyone one deserves some R&R, even how manly our father’s and husband can be. Bring him to a spa and make him experience the soothing relaxation that comes with body scrubs, facials and a THAI massage.

Gifts can make every father happy on this special day but the most important gift a family can give is their undying love and affection which money can’t buy.

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