Surpahs high quality and sustainable kitchen products


 Surpahs which is synonyms to surpass (means to be beyond limit, powers, excellence and superior to in achievements) offers high quality home products especially kitchen products that are high end yet very affordable that will definitely fit in your budget.


This 3 layer bamboo cutting boards set is made from eco-friendly bamboo with sizes small, medium and large.  Created in a solid, thin,lightweight and sleek design to ensure no warping, cracking or splitting and has anti-bacterial properties which prevents them from bacteria and molds.  You have the assurance that the product is safe since it has FDA approval.  It’s perfect for kitchen preparation especially for busy moms like me who had limited time in the kitchen to prepare for my kid’s school meals.

What interest me more is that the surface of this bamboo boards are hard which resists moisture and scratching.  Since it’s surface is different from the traditional wooden cutting boards which makes it more durable and presentable even if you use them on your dining tables while serving guests during dinner and special occasion.

Since bamboo is known to provide an innovative raw material creating them into a cutting board is not just sustainable but also helps our environment, it’s definitely a great addition on your kitchen.


Another Surpahs product that got my interest is this Surphas Tempered glass precision digital Kitchen Scale, a perfect product for those who love to bake since you have an assurance for it’s measurement accuracy.  It has a sleek and lightweight design and touch key that is very easy to use which reminds me that this is a  must if your into weight management.

Surpah’s products are indeed a kitchen staple.  To learn more about this product, check their website today and if you want to buy, get them at

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