Survival Tips during Lengthy Utilities Interruptions

This year has been a killer in terms of weird weather that has devastated region after region in unexpected ways. While weather catastrophes are common in some parts of the country, other areas simply don’t expect such things as major snowfalls, floods in typically dry regions and hurricanes or tornados occurring in quick succession to the one/s before.

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The winter of 2016 – 2017 has so far seen odd weather patterns from east to west and north to south, causing disasters which no one could have foreseen. If you live in an area of the country that has been devastated this winter, these survival tips may help if you are experiencing lengthy interruptions in power or utilities.

The Disruption of Waste Removal

One of the biggest problems during any kind of climatological disaster such as a flood, hurricane or tornado would be an interruption in sewage disposal. Sewers are often totally washed away or sink holes clog major pipes and so the city or county needs to shut down services while major repairs are completed. If you should experience a lengthy interruption in waste disposal / sewers, you might want to consider going in on a restroom trailer with others in your neighborhood.

These can often be rented but if you live in a part of the country, such as the southeast, where hurricanes and tornados are known to tear cities apart, flood them and disrupt services for weeks on end, it might be a good investment for a community association to keep for those eventualities.

Large Quantities of Potable Water

There are times when it actually takes months to repair damage to reservoirs and other holding facilities of a community’s drinking water. Bottled water can only go so far and so it is recommended that a few neighborhoods perhaps join forces to plan for large water holding tanks that can be replenished daily with potable water for that community’s use.

While this probably wouldn’t work in an inner-city setting, suburban neighborhoods would do well to purchase large amounts of water out of association dues so that families could be assured of having drinking water until repairs are made. Large trucks bring thousands of gallons at a time and while the water couldn’t be pumped through pipes which have been damaged and are compromised, residents can get potable water at a central location as needed.

Sanitation Is a Huge Issue

When you think of it, the biggest issues in any natural disaster usually stem from issues with sanitation. Without running water and adequate waste removal, bacteria growth is off the charts and it is difficult to keep illness under control. Widespread epidemics of infectious diseases are usually limited to poor sanitation and not to dead bodies that everyone fears. The only real fear of such an issue was from the floods following Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, and even that took a backseat to the unsanitary living conditions evacuees were forced to live in.

Therefore, if you are struck by a natural disaster, the two things to take precedence above all else in terms of interruption of utilities would be providing clean restroom facilities and safe drinking water along with hand sanitizers and washing sinks which can be found in restroom trailers. Sanitation is key, so make that a priority.

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