Sustainable Fashion for the Modern Woman

Whether you are starting a new business, climbing the corporate ladder or simply enjoying being able to attend to the needs of your kids on a daily basis, having an outfit suited for the place and occasion is a must. Here are some ideas for that sustainable fashion for the modern woman.

Having something to wear on that important meeting or the parent teachers meeting is a must. Living in denim and t-shirt  seems to become inappropriate as you age and meet new people.

sustainable gown of Emma Watson

sustainable gown of Emma Watson

As the modern woman age, her parameters when it comes to dressing up change as well. Dress code changes according to the company and the places that you go to. Thus, it is important to have something ready for such circumstances. Having a tight budget can also be taken into consideration. With so many fashion options out there, one can definitely find a perfect outfit for every occasion and location you might find yourself into. Just take for an example of the sustainable gown of Emma Watson, it was definitely a perfect example of recycled materials .

Tailored separates

The modern woman, especially those who constantly attends meetings should have at least a pair of tailored suits. Power dressing does not only boost your confident but is a must in most corporate worlds. Having a few pairs in black and dark blue is already enough to get you through those tough meeting presentations and big deals at the office.

Sturdy jeans

Jeans are still a basic for the modern woman. It can be worn at work, with friends and even while doing errands for your kids at school. The basic jean is casual enough to be worn daily to attend to your daily rituals. It can work well with shirts, blouses, cardigans and even nice tops.

Basic colors

Women will never go wrong with the basic colors. These include white, blue, black and the favorite peach dress. Whether it is a blouse, a dress or a pair of terno, having these basic colors in your wardrobe allows any modern woman to have a go to piece they can wear for that special occasion.

A trusted shoe

timberland eco shoes

Whether a stiletto, wedge or a flat shoe, every modern woman has that trusted comfortable and stylish shoe. And when it comes to shoes, comfort always comes first over fashion and style.

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