Taking care of your lawn – what you need to know

A beautiful lawn can make all the difference to your home. Not only does the outside space look better, it’s also a far more pleasant place to spend time while entertaining friends or for your kids to play in. You need to invest some time and effort, if you want your lawn to look good, but the results make all of this worthwhile.

Weather conditions do not always help when it comes to protecting the grass in your lawn. Its condition can deteriorate quickly in very hot conditions. You need to pay close attention to taking care of your lawn on a continuous basis, or it may become something that you feel like hiding away from everyone.

  • Get rid of weeds

Weeds can take over your lawn if you let them. It’s a good idea to rake your lawn before you mow as this can help to get rid of weeds that are present. Deal with any weeds that remain on an individual basis. This means that you should spot treat them with herbicide rather than simply spraying an entire area.

  • Keep the edges neat

Your lawn always looks better if the edges are neat and tidy. You do not want grass to grow over into borders that you have spent a lot of time planting. These string trimmers are a big help if you want to trim the edges of your lawn so that they remain in a tidy state.

  • Do not forget fertilizer

Fertilising your lawn on a regular basis helps to maintain the health of the grass. If you can, it’s a good idea to use fertiliser when it rains as the rain washes the fertiliser down to the roots of the grass. If there is no rain about when you fertilise the lawn, make sure that you water it heavily afterwards.

  • Water new lawns more often

It’s not easy to plant a new lawn. So, when you have done the work, you want the lawn to remain in good condition and thrive. This why it’s important to water a new lawn for a couple of hours each evening. Even a lawn that has been established for a while needs to be watered when the weather is hot. It will turn brown if it’s not watered sufficiently. This does not mean it’s dead, it will usually come to green life again once it has enough water.

  • Keep grass longer when the weather is hot

If the temperature is hot, it’s a good idea to keep the grass of your lawn longer. This is because longer grass is usually less prone to issues caused by draught. Keeping some length to the lawn helps to keep it protected.

There is no hiding the fact that lawns can be hard work to maintain. However, there is nothing quite like the patch of green that a lawn creates to make your outside space look amazing and be a great place to spend time in.

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