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Many says that i’m a little bit different as a person.  I love to drink hot coffee or chocolate on a hot night and will crave for ice-cream on a rainy days.  When i was a kid, I always go for extreme not because I wanted to be the center of the crowd but i just wanted to be different.

Ice man and human torch

I dream to become like Ice man and Human torch so I can be able to produce ice on my right hand and fire on my left. I  told myself that it was so cool to have such super powers and i can be able to freeze my enemies and burn them when i feel like doing so.  But it was just a dream of a young girl thinking that super heroes do exist.

But super heroes doesn’t exists but a heavy duty reusable, safe and non-toxic sheets called Techni-Ice can give you both this two benefits in just one pack.

At first, i was curious too, i have heard some products like that but never actually encountered one.  So, I have checked the validity of such for me to be convinced.

Techni- Ice application is endless.  You can use them on many other ideas from transportation to hospital and first aid needs.  This is a perfect company for a day of recreation and sports and most of all, it’s a very handy product for our house and for our family.

techni -ice worlds best

Being a mom, I am always handy with an ice pack so each time the needs arises, i can able to use them right away. But honestly, since my daughter was born, i have bought several pieces because for some obvious reason, they are not strong enough to last and they purpose was not enough as I expected  and a very messy if I may say so.

I believe that Techni-ice served it’s purpose, to give quality and guaranteed product that can satisfy not just this mom but many other moms and people.


Techni-ice is so easy to use.  In just three easy steps you can use them on whatever purpose you feel like doing.


This youtube video  gives you a better idea about Techni-ice pack.

But there are lots of things  that I can do with  Techni-Ice, to name a few, It can make my food  cooler for a longer period of time.  Use them if my kid was sick,  help me when i experience muscle cramps after a tiring day work or after having my favorite sports. I can bring them anywhere, on camping, summer outing, hiking, a destination get away.  It can  preserve our cold drinks and many other foods.   It’s reusable so I can use the pack anywhere , anytime and for as so long as I would want to be.

For me, when buying a product and reviewing them afterwards,  I always make sure that this will pass not just my taste, but i always make sure that it would not compromise my budget and my principle.


I am surprised that this product exceeded my expectations. (not because i wanted to win their blogging contest) but with the benefits presented at hand.  I can use them at home, at work, in an outdoor activity, travelling and many more. 

A sheets that is reusable and can stay frozen for days! (don’t you think it’s amazing? Many ice packs just stay for minutes not even 1 hour  in my own experience)

The product is safe and non-toxic.

It’s eco-friendly.  (As an eco-mom, i always buy product that is not just beneficial for my family but also beneficial for our environment and Techni-ice passed that standard.  It eliminates the use of plastic for making ice.  it can lesser the use of electricity for making foods stay cold.

Techni-Ice Sheets has lots of benefits and usage and aside from my thoughts above, here are some examples scenario that i think Techni-ice would be perfect to use.  (if given a chance)

For Tupaz and Cuevas- so their minds would stay cool

for jeepney drivers to keep them cool


For Pacman to ease his fatigue and pain after beating Bradley


This is my official entry for Techni-Ice Your Own Way: How and where would you like to use Techni-Ice Sheets? Blogging contest


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  1. Wow! This is my first time to hear about this. But I am happy to know that it is eco-friendly.

  2. Hi Romarianne,

    Thank you for the submission. We are currently reviewing your entry for final judging. Good luck.

    – Techni-Ice Philippines

  3. hahaha i laugh about your pics below, but you are right about this product, very usable! Sana available na siya here 🙂

  4. I was amused on how you started this blog. It did caught my interest and the iceman and human torch comparison was just right for the product.

  5. nice ! i just see that product here in your post! eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic! where can i find it?

  6. The Chef says

    cool.. thanks for sharing this…

  7. jared's mum says

    wow, this is the first time i have heard about this product + i’d say brilliant. + it if it is eco-friendly + all, i’d say, go for it! 🙂

    good luck on the contest!

  8. I have tried and used several types of ice packs and most of them can’t be handled with bare hands. This one seems better I guess, based on the pictures, and it’s great because it is eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing!

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