The Role of Mothers in a Family

Every home seems incomplete without a mother to look after it. Everyone knows this fact. But do we really know the roles that mothers portray in and out of the house in every day of their lives? A mother is a wife, a patient and endearing person who may get tired of waking up in wee hours in the morning just to prepare for your meal but will always give her best shot just to be able to make your day start out right.

She prepares your coffee, even the clothes you need to wear for work. She does this with the same passion and enthusiasm since the day you were married, even without you acknowledging or showing appreciation for it. A mother is a superhero in the eyes of her child. She has the power to heal and remove hurt with just a few blows of air and a kiss from her lips. Every kid calls her name in times of thunder, of heavy rains, that are just some of the role of mothers in a family.

Her presence makes every child feel secure, happy, safe and confident about themselves. A mother is a teenager’s best friend, yet sometimes she can also be their worst enemy. She can be their confidant, but most of the time they hide things from her. This is not a surprise, because mothers will always have something to say, something to feel, something to worry about when it comes to her children – no matter what their ages may be. A mother is the person in the house who cries over everything. She cries over onions, her favorite television series and sometimes even when listening to a song. She secretly cries every time father comes home late at night or when you’re sick. She cries not because she is weak, but she cries because she is brave enough to let other people know how much she cares.


She is a carpenter, a plumber, the lawn mower lady and most of the times the all around made. She is a cook, a singer, a dancer and an actress, if the school activities of her children demand her to be one.  She is everything you need her to be. And she is happy to be anyone just for you. Tell your mom how much you love and honor them. One site that believes and value mothers is  they knew that each mom deserves the best.  Make them realize and feel that life would be incomplete, dull and would be so lonely without her by your side. Give her flowers with a letter, or take her out for dinner. Hugging her and telling her how much you love her would be even better. Become a person your mother would be truly proud off.

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