The Sad Truth about SM Baguio

It’s sad to hear the recent uproar of environmentalists and green movements against the management of SM Baguio in the issues of cutting trees to be developed into a new parking area and building mall.

As quoted, the operator of SM malls claimed. That an offshoot of this redevelopment plan, the company said, includes:

  • A new parking facility that will provide alternatives to street parking and, hopefully, help decongest traffic on the streets around the facility.
  • A roof garden with trees and shrubs to cover the building footprint.
  • A rainwater collection system to help control water runoff in and around the property, while providing a secondary water source for the facility’s needs.

SM Supermalls said it decided to plant 50 saplings for every tree that would be uprooted, or 30 more saplings than the initial agreement with authorities.   GMA News

Sm Baguio proposed expansion

But the environmental group Project Save 182 believe that this is not what SM really meant thus they are contesting it in court.  As of the moment, Baguio Regional Trial Court had already issued a temporary environmental protection order

Whatever the real reason behind this situation, it’s sad to hear that our strong pine trees should be cut down to pave way into a new modern building.  Many supporters and even the catholic church in Baguio had already aired their voices against the management of SM.  The Baguio diocese told news that  they will no longer celebrate masses at  SM Baguio as a sign of their protest over the earth-balling of 182 trees for the same purpose aired above.

There was even a story that SM is planning to relocate the trees on the rooftop of the seven floors mall expansion that they are planning.  With this reason, i could not find the real essence of trees or they really forgot the real reason of the purposes of trees.  Trees are not just created to make the place beautiful or shade from the sun.

Trees are a vital part of our community.  It provides oxygen , provides habitat for hundred of different animals or not to mention the benefits we get when they were already processed.  It also prevent possible erosion when things get to worse.  Just like what had happened to CDO and Iligan because of the illegal logging , trees were illegally cut down and when the floods came, there were no longer trees to block them does killing many lives and giving a massive destruction among crops and animals.

Our trees played an important part in our society and in our life too if we cut them just for our own benefit, it would be totally an insane move.

I don’t want to question the stand of SM and i have been one of the many bloggers who promote them because of their ways to help our environment and keeping a green life but with this recent problems, i think it’s very contradicting with what they are advocating.  I wish this problem would be over soon and would be resolved for the good of all.

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