The safest way to generate energy

What is natural gas? Natural gas is gasses produced as by products of the decomposition of plants and animals that are buried hundred or even thousands of years ago. These remains are exposed to extreme heat after being buried underground for so long thus producing a clean, colorless, odorless and safe cheaper source of energy.


Besides being safe and cheaper than other gases, using these natural gases is also safe to the environment. It does not produce dangerous by products when used as source of heat and energy.

Natural gas is converted to methane before it can be used by consumer. Once it is processed from natural gas it can be used for producing electricity. It can be used in residential areas for heating, cooking and air conditioning. Commercially, methane can be used in gas and steam turbines to produce electricity.

Ethane is also a very abundant natural gas on earth. It is being used commercially to produce ethylene and polyethylene like wires, insulation and packaging materials. Propane and Butane are also natural gases that can be used in cooking and for heating residential and industrial areas.

With the abundant supply of natural gas on Earth, why is it that consumers opt to use its commercial equivalent. Natural gas is abundant and renewable but it does not renew rapidly. Pollution and other damages to the environment proved to be detrimental to the natural processes in the environment. Continuous movements in the prevention of pollution and other environmentally abusive acts will help in renewing and increasing the source of natural gas as well as natural energy.

Natural gas is indeed one of the safest, less expensive and environmentally safe options in generating energy. Let us contribute in promoting this safer alternative by using it and helping in taking care of its resources.

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