Three Ways to Give Back this Christmas with Haribon Foundation

This is not a sponsored post but a gesture of love for our Mother Earth. Here are three ways to give back to Our Mother Earth and making our love ones and friends happy this Yuletide season.

About Haribon Foundation:

The Philippines’ pioneer environmental organization It was created in .  1972 and since then, their membership has been committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence.

Holiday Gift giving:

It’s the time to give and receive.  At Haribon Foundation, you can give back in three ways.

  • Don’t want to use gift wrap? Give an E-card.
  • Have a friend who loves nature? Give her a 1 year Haribon membership.
  • Know a budding biologist? Give them a book on biodiversity.

E cards are one of the great greetings that you can send to your friends and love ones especially if they are living overseas.  It saves so much money, time and energy and the fact that you get the chance to help save the nature.

One year membership means activities such as birdwatching, tree plantings, tree-treks, and more take place every year for Haribon members. A regular Haribon membership is only P900 for an entire year & includes discounts and free access to selected events. You can contact

There are many Haribon merchandise that you can also choose from

T-shirt, books, brochures are just some of the choices. You can pick up the items from their office or just pay via their online shop with additional minimal delivery fee. You can check more of their haribon products here. You can also donate online or visit their Go Haribon on Facebook to learn their latest advocacy.

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