Three ways to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle for your baby

Environmentally-conscious parents understand that the environment can affect baby’s development, just like the ways you raise your baby can affect the environment. You can make a huge difference on our planet by promoting a greener lifestyle for your baby from day one. Here are three ways to care for your baby in a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

 Eco-friendly Cot

To minimize your impact on the environment, purchase a travel cot made with an eco-friendly microfiber mattress or a wooden crib that can be easily recycled and used for other furniture parts. A travel cot is lighter in weight and easily portable, meaning you will get lots of use out of it. If you want to invest in a wooden crib, choose one that is made with recycled natural wood which is not painted with harmful varnish. When choosing a mattress, choose natural fiber such as lamb or sheep wool, natural latex and organic cotton.

 Environmentally-friendly nappies

Unfortunately, both cloth nappies and disposables can have a negative impact on our environment, depending on how you wash, dry and dispose of them. When washing your cloth nappies, use an energy-efficient washing machine setting and hang the nappies out to dry rather than use the tumble dry. When choosing disposable diapers, select brands that use green manufacturing methods. Recycle the diapers instead of throwing them away as trash.

cloth diaper

cloth diaper

 Safe and eco-friendly toys

When selecting toys for your baby, important factors to consider include age-appropriateness, sharpness, choking hazards and toxicity. Try to choose products that are made from natural or recycled materials and read the labels carefully to ensure that the toy is 100% toxic free. Pick out items that are labelled BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free. It is also worth trying to select solid wood products instead of pressed wood, with nontoxic paints and finishes. Go for trusted brands that are committed to using environmentally-friendly or sustainable materials.

It’s never too early to start teaching your child to live a greener lifestyle. Practice these three ways to raise an eco-friendly baby.

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