Timeless Sustainable Watches: Sully Jord Wood Watch

Smart watches may be entering the market nowadays but the classic and timeless wrist watches will never go away. These timeless pieces will always remain to be the favorite time accessory both for men and women. Watches have been around for more than 500 years and have surpassed several wars and technology revolutions.

The luxury watch market on the other hand is continuously evolving as well but Wood watches like those crafted by Jord are becoming a favorite fashion time piece nowadays. Created from durable and nature friendly material, you will be surprised on how the brand managed to create something so beautiful and intuitive with wood. Created from 100% natural wood which definitely involved an immense amount of time and effort to create hand crafted piece.


Another great thing about the #JordWatch Sully in Cherry and Maple is that it is influenced by good taste. One can just imagine the day and night spent by the talented hands which was dedicated to create this automatic wristwatch with it’s intricate details featured is a manifestation of  good taste and the mission of bringing the highest quality wood timepieces to the world.


Wristwatches as they say are also status symbols. Like what I have described earlier, it is timeless. One can even hand down their classic time pieces to the next generation together with all the class and memories that comes with it. Wearing your very own Jord Watch means that your not just looking for style or quality works but the most important part is that your giving your heart for using sustainable wood products, a timeless sustainable watches.


It is always of my opinion, that believing is futile without accomplishing anything. Advocating green living is not just understanding and talking about it but also supporting and applied it in your life.


The power of history, memories and nostalgia will never be overpowered by what technology can offer. Even if the watch Is not being used to tell time but merely as an accessory all along, it still remains to be a symbol of something personal, in this particular instance, your love of nature.  Jord watches can even bring a more personal touch to these favorite time pieces with its intricately designed line of watches. Be mesmerized, be captivated. Bring home and embrace the luxury of time and the beauty  of nature that comes with it.

Wooden Watches by JORD

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