Top 10 Ways to Fight Climate Change

Global warming is a very alarming issue nowadays. Reports of the possible effects and consequences of climate change are getting increasingly difficult for the world to ignore. Mass extinctions, loss in several points in the GDP of developing nations and a regular pattern of natural disasters are just some of the things that climate change can bring to men.


The 3 R’s

Automobiles, factories, technology and man’s lack of discipline have played a big part in the changing of the climate. However, technology can help bring back to Earth to its renewed form. Here are 10 ways to fight climate change.

1. Favor renewable energy

Wind, solar and tidal energy may sound costly at first, but the benefits that it brings will definitely help in healing Earth. Support programs and projects that are in favor of these energy sources.

2. Green infrastructures

Engineering has also found its way in developing buildings that are eco-friendly and are energy efficient. Being energy efficient, it requires less energy and fossil fuels to function on a daily basis. There are many  buildings today that are using solar energy to power their building.

3. Consume less

Buy less stuff. When you consume less, you contribute less in the contribution of carbon dioxide in the environment. Only buy the things you needed as to avoid too much clutter in your home.  De-clutter once in a while, you can do spring cleaning, give things that you no longer using.  You can help de-clutter your home as well giving other people the opportunity to save.

4. Be efficient

Practice efficiency at work. The less energy you require to do a task, the more you help in contributing to the renewal of the environment and its sources. Think before you print and try to avoid re-doing your tasks repetitively. There are many offices that are now practicing paperless.

5. Eat smart

Eating more vegetables and fruits will help lessen the carbon dioxide that we emit in your bodies. The less carbon dioxide there is in the environment, the better its effect to the worsening of climate change. I’m not telling you to change your lifestyle on being vegan, I still eat meat, it’s rich in protein and needed by our body but eating more vegetables helps our body become more healthy.

When buying goods, it is always good to patronize local goods. Find organic products or make a way to lessen your carbon footprints by walking to a nearby market or mall rather than using your car or riding the public transportation.

6. Plant trees

Plants and tress produce oxygen. They also take up the carbon dioxide in the air to produce oxygen, thus lessening the chemicals in the air that greatly affects the changes in our climate. Trees and the whole eco-system needs a total care from all of us. It doesn’t mean that you need to do all the work but doing a simple way can make a big difference. You can also plant vegetable and trees in your backyard, it can help provide a food for your family and shelter for birds.

7. Unplug appliances

Energy use, when conserved and done properly lessens that carbon emission to the environment. This can be achieved with consciously conserving energy at home.  Ever heard about the Earth Hour organized by WWF? Each year, during the month of March,  Earth Hour was practiced on more than 170 countries encouraging, households, local and private business as well as government employees to clse their lights and gadgets for an hour thus helping to conserve energy.  You can participate on this program or you can even do this the whole year round by making sure that non-essential lights be closed to help not just climate change but also minimize your electricity bill.

8. Walk whenever possible

Transportation vehicles are big contributors in carbon emissions. Walking instead of riding a vehicle if possible will contribute in its own little way in saving the environment. Just like what i have told before, walking can be a great way to help our environment, it is also a great thing to help our body function well. Walking is a good form of exercise even doctors always tell us so.

9. Recycle

Plastic and non-biodegradable substances require more energy and resources before they could be removed from the environment. Re-using these objects can help in lessening the additional production of these materials, thus saving energy in the process.

10. Educate and informs

Sharing the knowledge about what climate change is, how we can prevent and hinder its effect and its negative impact to the world can help in gathering more people to the advocacy of saving nature and Mother Earth. Just like what Mahatma Gandhi leave us, “be the change you want to see in the world”,  it doesn’t need to be grand or a big plan.  Doing simple things can make a big difference and always remember that by practicing what you believe in brings a great feeling.

There are more than 10 ways to fight climate change, you can research through the net, read informational books and attend seminars but what is more important is your willingness to do this things after all, words without action are just futile.

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