Top Summer Must Have Wardrobe and Accessories

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After enjoying the holiday scent of Christmas and enjoying the cold breeze that is winter, we are about to welcome the humid, warm and woody appeal of summer. Instead of feeling restless at home, it would be more productive and interesting to embrace the warm weather and enjoy a few after-work drinks on your roof deck or a nearby beach. Weekends would be dazzling to spend under the sun while enjoying a nice tan or simply conquering the waves. Whatever your summer plans may be, make sure that you experience the best summer rendezvous by gearing up with the necessary summer essentials.

Here are some of the top must have wardrobe and accessories you must have for summer; 

Swimsuits , Rash guards 

Time at the beach would be boring without the proper attire to make you stand out or simply feel comfortable while at the beach. Be sure to have enough swimsuits for your summer escapades as well as rash guards perfect for more active summer events like surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and diving. Whether you plan to have nautical stripes or simply plain colors for your swimsuit, having enough and great-fitting ones would make summer outdoors fun.


This is a basic must have for summer. Enjoy the sun without harming your skin by bringing and using sunblock. Apply as much as possible and do not settle for a lotion with less than 50 SPF.

Beach towels

Beach towels are also very important accessories you should have to enjoy time under the sun.  It can double as a mat while enjoying a tan on the beach, dries you up after a swim and keeps you warm while enjoying a bonfire by the beach at night. To keep your towels great-looking and in good condition always, it would be ideal to pack them inside breathable bags and remember to air dry them as much as possible. You can get affordable towels on the net, just like the cabana stripe beach towels from port company featured here which you can buy from Apparelnbags. 

Waterproof cameras and Bag 

Enjoying summer is not complete without memories you can look back too. Bring your waterproof camera and enjoy creating and immortalizing memories with photographs and selfies in and out of the water. To keep all these items neatly and securely available for you at the beach, having a sturdy and stylish waterproof bag completes your summer must have accessories. It comes in different sizes too so you’ll definitely find one enough to store your favorite summer items.

Sports bags and Sport Towels

Summer is also the great time to get fit and hit the gym. If your looking for bags that can fit your sports apparels and sport towels, you can also find them at apparel n bags who caters not just shirts but also sports bags and sports towels.  There are many brands but i most love their port authority shirts and towels since it’s so soft and comfortable.

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