Top Ten (10) Emerging Influential blog for 2011

Blogging changes my life in a very special and different way.  When I started blogging, i really have no idea of what I am doing.  All i know is I wanted to share my thoughts and the daily musings of my family and my darling Peachy but then a new door open  in my life and opportunities knocks and i got the chance to win many contests through my blogs but things change,  I realized how influential bloggers are based from many blogs that i have visited through the years.  It makes a great impact in my life and thus i realized one day that I wanted to create a blog to advocate my desire to help our Mother Earth in my own simple and practical way.

And that’s how this blog was created, out of my desire to encourage other moms and bloggers like me to live a practical, eco-friendly life and to spread green to help our Mother Earth. If you find this blog influential, i do hope you can support me on this advocate, follow my blog and include it on your top 10 list  and let us all shout to the world that “We have the power to save the Earth and this begin with you and me!

Now for my Top Ten Emerging Influential Blog for 2011

1.  Mom Writes The author of this blog has influenced me in so many ways.  Here Mommy Rubz as we fondly called her shares her blessings a midst the trials and negative things in life.  I always believe that life is short and we have to grasp the opportunities that comes along the way.

Mom Writes

2. Mommy Survival , there are many sites that offers tips and advise on how to be a better mom but what I like in this site is the approach she uses to share with other moms on how to survive in every difficult instances of our motherhood.

Mommy Survival

3. My Painted Lips , Ooh, you know me, I also love to paint my lips.  If lipstick is the main topic, i will surely give my full attention.  I can relate on this blog author of her love of lipstick considering that i am a lipstick lover too.

My Painted Lips

4. The Bloggers Journal is a blog that gives helpful and useful tips to make your blogging life easy.  Her tutorials are very easy to understand and can give you a better insight on how you can improve your blogs.

The Bloggers Journal

5. Certified Foodies , foods are always near to my heart, no wonder why i was getting heavier each day. I so love to eat and i so love to check different resto and dining experiences.   This blog  offers the experiences of two sibling Mhel and Ken and shares their recipes and tips to enjoy cooking and great foods.

Certified Foodies

6. Levyousa , living her life to the fullest, Levy is a dear blogger friend who shares her views and insights in life.  It is not because she’s a friend that i am voting for her blog but for the reason that I truly enjoy reading her different musings and ideas on how to live your life fully satisfying.


7. The Pepperific Life – just reading the name makes you think that Pepper really enjoys her life but this sweet single mom had many ups and down too but despite it all, she stays lovely, bubbly and a loving mom.  No wonder it shows in her blog and the insights she shares with her reader is truly a remarkable one.

Pepperific Life

8. The Tottering Mama helps mother like me on how to enjoy motherhood and to share activities and fun time with our children. If you need inspiration on how to be a better mom then head on to this site and you will surely feel the warmth of a mother’s love.

The Tottering Mama

9. Notepad Corner is a blog of another mom who shares her musings and insights about her life as a mother and wife.  Mommy Joy shares her views on different aspects of not just motherhood but on how to live your life with fulfillment.

Notepad Corner

And for my top tep spot;

10.  My Green living Ideas is a realization of my dream to contribute to our  Mother Earth in one way or another.  I hope to encourage and share and educate our fellowmen the beauty of nature. I am not an expert on this field but i would like to share with you my ideas on how we can live in a better world through our own simple ways.  Feel free to browse the site to learn new ideas about green living tips , eco-living, skin and health, causes, eco-friendly products.  I am also encouraging everyone to share your green ideas every Monday and participate in our Green Monday Meme , It’s a time to showcase your pictures of something green. Any pictures of green items, environment, people, your family helping the community, your recent cause, your children wearing something green, your new found item, everything with something Green are very much welcome.

Think Green – Live Green

My Green Living Ideas

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Now,  have you made up your mind?  Pick your TOP TEN now and join this project and help your emerging influential sites into the list and you might also be the lucky winner of   $100.

yours truly,

Bringing up Green Kids
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  1. Hello Sis! 🙂 Good luck to all your nominees! 🙂

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  3. I’m done with my entry, too, and you’re there! Good luck!

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