Tsukihoshi Kids Shoes

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Talking about comfort and quality, Tsukihoshi shoes are definitely one of the finest in the business.  The brand has already withstand the test of time and known for good quality shoes for children.

Japan has been well known for their quality products and keen eye on details and every aspect of their works.  The proof is the product itself.  Tsukihoshi shoes is indeed quality for keeps and given the extra bonus of adorable design that you can choose from.

As a mom, the first thing we choose for our children shoes is the comfort that it can give to our kids, affordability and design took second since it must be budget friendly.  I for one is very particular in choosing my children shoes, even though i’m very prudent in other aspect of life, I would never sacrifice the safety and comfort of my children since i wanted to give them the best thing in life that I can offer.

That’s why, I’m very happy to learn about tsukihoshi kids shoes, it’s definitely a must have on every kids closet.  Their collection of shoes for children is very colorful and you will truly appreciate it more when you hold them in your hands and see the smile of your children.

tsukihoshi shoes

The Baby Neko is just one of shoes from their baby collection.  It’s not just stylish and adorable but very light and flexible.  It follows your child’s feet contour and the good part is that it has an antibacterial insole so I would never need to worry even he wears it for a long period of time.

TSUKIHOSHI’s children’s shoe technology is composed of 4 special features designed for children’s growing feet and to provide maximum comfort.

So, next time you buy your kids shoes, remember this brand.  You can also check them online  or the nearest retail store or follow their facebook and twitter page to learn about the newest updates. 

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  1. My son have shoes from them too and they are very well made!! He loves walking around with it.

  2. I like the style of the shoes, the color is very nice too!

  3. Those are very stylish kids shoes. Kids feet grows so fast and finding comfortable shoes for those tiny feet is a must for us parents.

  4. Those look like great shoes. Perfect for small little toddler’s feet. Seems really lightweight which is a plus especially with kids.

  5. the color of that shoes is my son’s fave

  6. They look comfortable. I like products made in Japan.

  7. Looks like a very sturdy kid shoes. The style is nice and looks comfy and easy to wear for kids.

  8. that is really cute marz! I can tell it’s a good quality…I like the name brand.

  9. The shoes looks very comfortable to wear. I agree with you that we want the best for our kids. The item should be safe for them.

  10. I love this shoes 🙂 It is so comfortable and love the design as well. Your Prince will enjoy running with this shoes 🙂

  11. Thanks! I will definitely remember the brand on my nex shoe shopping for my son he needs new shoes, kids grow so fast!

  12. Oh dear! Thank you for sharing this awesome company. I want some shoes from them for my kids as well. Sounds amazing and well made. 🙂

  13. Cute shoes! Are these available in the locally?

  14. Super flexible soles with vivid colors make these shoes perfect for any fledgling walker on into toddler years and I only wish they made larger sizes. I initially bought these in 2008 for my first daughter and am now purchasing my third pair for my second daughter. They still look like brand new and I have only had to wash them once. The removable soles are great for quick drying, easy cleaning and comfort. Tsukihoshi is my favorite brand for kids’ shoes, above all the other “close to bare feet” popular brands – due to the facts that they are wider and provide the proper footfall that actually helped my girls go from just barely walking to running faster than I can catch them. Definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a great deal on simple and stylish sneakers. They are well worth it and are possibly one of the greatest values in children’s attire.

  15. Those shoes look very soft and comfortable to wear!

  16. Very easy on and off for a special needs child who is learning to be self sufficient, and who has a difficult fit. One instead of two velcros is a big help for him. His heel does squish down on the back sometimes. Also, since he scuffs his feet while walking, the soles wear down more quickly than I think they should, which is why only 4 stars. But they are decent shoes and the style is cool.EDIT: I’m taking the stars down to three, because I don’t think sneakers should start giving out in this way. 4 months of wearing about half the time, the sole that comes up around the toe is totally peeling away on both shoes. For shoes that are pricey and seemingly good quality, I think they should be more durable. I’m going to complain to the company.

  17. have been buying tsukihoshi shoes for about 4 years now – no other shoe that i can find has the same high quality and consistent fit. my kids have wide feet and these are EE, so this is about all that fits them.

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