Value your Health with the right vitamins

I always remember what my father told me when I was in high school when I have to juggle my life as a student and working at the same time to provide my needs. Health is wealth, no matter how strong you are, you need vitamins and minerals supplements to help you carry your daily routines and put you away from any sickness.

Although eating healthy foods can help give your body vitamins and minerals, sometimes it is not enough to just rely on foods since we never know if we are taking the right foods and I am 100% sure that we are not getting all the nutrients our body needed.

That is why, when I become a mom and have a family of my own, I make sure that my kids are getting the right vitamins and minerals on their body to keep them healthy and away from any sickness especially cough, flu and colds which are the very most common illnesses nowadays.

It’s good to know that there are vitamins supplements in the market today whom you can entrust your children.  We have been using dayzinc for quite sometime and ever since they are drinking them, the occurrence of coughs and colds are very rare and almost nothing at all even with the changing season.

My kids were drinking the one in liquid form but we have been introduced to the latest chewable dayzinc for kids and my 7 year old boy have been raving about it.

What is sodium ascorbate acid?

     It is a water soluble vitamin and antioxidant which expert says that  is more bioavailable and alkaline, unlike the famous ascorbic acid form of the C vitamins. So, it means it is more stomach friendly especially for little kids.

What is Zinc?

  Zinc on the other hand is a very important element that our body needs to have a healthy immune system. It helps prevent cancer and boots our energy and appetite.


Complete your kids healthy by drinking Nutri 10 Plus everyday. It helps promote overall immunity, enhance brain development, maximize growth and most important keep your children away from possible sickness.

Disclaimer:  This is a review on the products I have received from Wert Philippines. Actual usage may vary from people to people.  It is still safe to consult your doctor or your pedia on what is best for you.   You can check their Dayzinc FB page to learn more

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