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Fashion, style and a vegan inspired lifestyle can go hand in hand and exist in a single product, Tieks by Gavrieli. Honestly, i never heard of this brand before until I chanced upon reading a lovely blog with her reviews on her recent adventure on a beautiful island wearing her very own Tieks by Gavrieli.

tieks vegan shoes

I was dumbfounded in awe when i see how beautiful the island  and how she was wearing a very fashionable shoes in that kind of place which makes my curiosity even more.  So, i thought of doing my own research on this elegant and beautiful fashionable shoes which leads me to the website of Tieks.


As a short introduction, Tieks are fashionable shoes that are made from the finest and most luxurious Italian leather that can easily fit into your purse. Yes, they are indeed foldable.


  The inspiration is from a classic ballerina flat which was  created innovatively with a twist to match and to be at par with the numerous flats available in the fashion market nowadays.  The box itself is definitely something to keep.  I’m thinking of placing my favorite jewelries inside  this box.

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Enjoy bringing your favorite partner for adventure anywhere at all time with Tieks since it comes with a pouch, you can bring it anytime anywhere.

The ballet flat is finally reinvented and is now becoming one if the fastest rising fashionable shoes in the US today.  Choosing a fashionable Tieks ballerina flat that will match your fashion requirements and style is definitely very easy with the numerous choices they have featured in their website.  Are you in need of a blast of color to add that vibrant vibe into your outfits? Colored and printed designs like the Electric Snake, Azure Snake, and Metallic Pewter or perhaps  Choose from the 15 Patents solid color choices featured by Tieks which includes Pop Pink, Diamond White Croc and Gallactic Green. will make it hard for you choose and yes, the feeling is  like love at first sight and love all over again.


 Tieks even features vegan inspired ballerina flats. Designs available includes Sunset Stripe, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Brent Wood. You know, i always have a heart for anything vegan and eco-friendly products especially vegan shoes but just as I’ve said, I was instantly STARSTRUCK with this shoes and can’t take my eyes of it and immediately wanting it for myself. ( you know how much i can be obsessive sometimes)

Travel in style and with comfort with innovative and fashionable ballerina flats with Tieks and yes even if it was quite pricey, owning one is just like owning a priceless collection.  So, where are you going to leave your blue prints now?


TIEKS by Gavrieli

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