Natural remedy to kill ants

I really hate ants.  Perhaps, they are one of my worst enemy and just thinking how they are crawling in our house and in my plants irritates me so much.  Last sunday, our town was caught by typhoon Bebeng and because of this ants took shelter (yes, that’s what i remember my grand mother always told me) they are just there because they want to took shelter but of all places they should not go to my little baby’s crib because they are just making me so angry and wild. Here are some natural remedy to kill ants , i hope you can get some inspiration from it.

Of course, the first thing you will do is to kill them by hand whenever you see one or two little ants but the problem with this little ants is they do come in groups and even more.  You can remove them by means of insecticides but it will not be good to your health especially if you have small children.  The good thing, there is a natural home remedy to remove this ants and it can be found inside your kitchen cupboard.

ways to kill ants

Vinegar is not just good for your fave foods but also it is also a natural way to kill those ants that pestering your house.

  • In a cup just mix half vinegar and half tap water and you can put this on a spray bottle or if you don’t have one, just the cup will do.
  • Dump a piece of cloth to your mixture and clean the places where these ants are coming from.
  • Ants really hate the smell of the vinegar and it removes the scent of their trails.
  • Before going to bed, clean your kitchen/counter top with this damp cloth with vinegar mixture to remove the scent of spills and crumbs.

Salt is also a good way to prevent them from coming on your house.  Spread them on your front yard and they will surely not want to get in.  Why?  They don’t like to walk on it, sprinkle it in your garden and you will have less pests and healthier looking veggies and plants.  Just spread the salt on wherever they are crawling and surely one day or half, you will not find them there and if you are lucky to find their house, you can  boil water and put some salt in it and pour them in the ant hill and surely the hill will collapse including the ants inside of it.

Icing sugar and baking soda is usually what we used in baking and it can also help you with your ants problem.  Mix them together and place them where those little ants walks by and surely they will love the icing sugar and will eventually eat it and what will kill them is the taste of the baking soda. (Afterall who would like to eat a raw baking soda?)

Bay Leaves put on their path will also help you because as soon as they smell it, they will surely leave away from it.

Of course, your house must always be clean and free from any thing that the ants will get attracted like residue of foods. Clean those carpets with a Vacuum cleaner and of course your kitchen tops, dining tables and those you think those little ants will go.

Now, i’m thinking where i should begin hunting.  I do remember the story of the ants and that is one good example for us to live by but then if they are being just a mere pest then it’s time to get rid of them, the sooner the better.

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  1. This is great! We’ve been having ant troubles for days now. We keep on wiping the house but they keep coming back. We don’t use sprays though as these are harmful to my toddlers. Your post just gave me several ideas I could try here at home. Thanks!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hate it whenever I left something on our table, and after a few (VERY FEW) minutes ants appear from somewhere. :/

  3. mix borax with jam/honey/anything sweet and put in on a plate where you see them most. they’ll take it back to their nest and it will kill them off fairly quickly

  4. Sandy Cain says

    I didn’t know ants didn’t like bay leaves. I’m going to try this, easier than sprinkling salt., Thanks!


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