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I was shocked and dismayed on the fact that this blog was attacked by a virus (hacker) and I could not comprehend how he was able to get into my c-panel and let a virus run into all my blogs listed on it.

But then, I am so grateful to my host (Mommy Rubz) for the undying help she gave me yesterday and yes, we were up till the wee hours of the morning to make this  site back to it’s normal phase.   I so love my old template but decided to change it not just for a better look but to avoid future problems.

Now, it’s a big lesson learned for me to always update your blog plugin and all and of course choose a PASSWORD that would not associate you in anyway or something that one could not remember very well but of course, one that you can remember.  LOL.

Add plugins that can help your site prevent spammers and hackers,  User locker (as suggested by Sis Ane) is a good plugin to lock those who are trying to enter your site through your login page.  And there is WP- firewall that can help to safeguard your website.

Now, I am looking forward on many things and I am thankful for all your support and love.  Green Monday is still up and I am cooking up a nice contest to all of you, blogger or non-bloggers alike. 

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