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Most of you might have heard about this campaign of the Department of Energy calling every household to change their incandescent bulb or what we called as bombilya to cfl  or also called compact fluorescent lamp (energy saving light).   CFL was created intended to replaced our old incandescent bulb because of big savings you can earn and it is also eco-friendly because it has a very limited or minimum content of mercury.

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Each CFL or energy saving light has 8 to 15 times life span than the regular bulb and it can help you save in your electricity bill as well.  This campaign was created to help house hold to have their own cfl.  Alll you need to do is to bring to your nearest congressman a copy (just a photocopy or xerox copy) of your electric bill and you are eligible to receive one cfl  bulb for your home.

cfl for every household

This Bright Now campaign was disseminated via radio, television and local newspaper and was scheduled from September 22- 28, 2012.  Now, here’s the thing, i guess the campaign and their advocacy is quite good but the only problem i see here is the fact that, many people especially those living in a distant places need to go to their congressman office just to get this cfl.  Now, that would take some time and eventually money.

 Although, i see this advocacy to be helpful in our electric bill as well as our environment, it can also pose risks of anomalies and corruption.  What will happen to the cfl bulbs that will not be given considering the fact that not all constituents can go and request for their shares?  How would the Department of Energy can able to verify that indeed every people had given their share of CFL?

I guess, if i would be asked, it would be good if this would be given to barangays (barangay chairman) so they have the lists of people on their barangay but just make sure that this project was audited, so no problems would occur along the way.

I believe that when many people are aware of the benefits of using CFL, they will be encourage to buy and change all the incandescent bulb in their home.

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