Waterless Carwash with Spray n’ Go

You might have read a dozen times in this site how we can preserve water.  Even though water has composed the 73% of the earth,  the water crisis and problems with many countries regarding water shortage has been very alarming.

Our country is not an exception,  many households are doing their fair share to diminish their water bill by creating ways to save water. After all a common household can consume gallons of water every day.

One of this way that can help you is if you own a car or vehicle.  We all know that washing even a  small vehicle can consume pails of water , around 120  gallons of water in a 30 minutes time frame and that means clean water going to waste.  It is well believed that washing our car is one of the most un-friendly environmentally chore that’s why others used recycled water or water that have already been used (perhaps the last water from our laundry chores) .

That’s why to save water,  different companies introduce the waterless car wash wherein you can make a handy spot cleaning without the use of water. One of this company is  Spray n’ go  carwash and quick detailing. They offer you a waterless car wash even at the comfort of your own garage. This service is very convenient for people who don’t have time to go to the  car wash center.

Can you believe that this 100 ml handy kit can actually make 6 to 11 car washes.  If we calculate that , it means a of  lot of water and money saving. Since, the product itself is environmentally friendly,  you don’t have to worry on hurting the environment.


Visit Spray n’ Go on their facebook page and learn how to get their services and products.

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