OTTO Waterless urinal – A solution for a better eco-living

As an advocate of green living ideas and ways to make our world a better eco-friendly place to live in, I always believe in products that features great benefits to help our Mother Nature. As a matter of fact, i have posted here available gadgets and technology that promotes eco-living.    I also believe that water is wealth and plays  a very important part of our daily sustenance.  Our body needed water for us to survive. Water is so important that is why we need to come out with better solutions and ideas on how water saving can be achieved.

A shocking truth:

I remember when I was still studying, our professor told us that Salt Water , oceans make the 71% of Earth’s surface and only 29% cover the continents and the remaining islands. That’s quite a joke don’t you think? Our surface has many waters but many countries are suffering from fresh water shortage and there is a common statistic that  1 billion people in the world has no access to clean, safe drinking water and 1.6 billion people have to walk at least 1 km each day to get water and bring them home.

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Based from a green site too, toilets has the biggest share for our water consumption.  Just imagine the tons of water used for our toilets, that’s really something we should think very hard.

Did you also  know that there are still many provinces here in our country that is suffering from n0t having enough water.  Water is very hard to find that’s why even a clean toilet is very hard to achieve. There are many places all over the world that has very low water support and children and many people are dying not just of starvation but due to water infected diseases.

I personally experience to use this kind of toilet while I was visiting a friend on the province and also when I was travelling to Bicol coming from Manila, on one of our stop-over I was on a total hurry to have myself relieved and this is the only place i can do it. I don’t have any choice, it’s sad and alarming.    Yes, there is no water involved here, and you will just make your urine straight from it , but this is no joke and this is not safe and poses a greater risk for our health too.

A friendly thought: Every drop counts.

I am very vocal of my thoughts that the bathroom is one of my favorite place in our house.  I always dream of having a beautiful bathroom with all the nice accessories I can find.  I love the idea of a fresh flower on the side to brighten up my day. As a way of helping our environment, i don’t use the flush of the urinal to save water.  I have a big drum where we store the water and I only use the  water dipper to flush, in that way, i know how to control the water i have been using.

Living a sustainable life: A greener solution.

Now living a sustainable life and caring for our environment is now presented at hand, With the OTTO waterless urinal we can save 45,000 gallons of precious water in a year. That’s a huge amount to begin with.  It can help more than hundred of homes and family. It’s very convenient to use, uses a Re-usable cartridge, biodegradable blocking fluid, odorless , above all hygienic and very economical indeed and what’s great is the fact that it is a beginning of a great way to help our Mother Earth.  Let’s make this an advocate, if each provinces in the entire Philippines uses this kind of waterless toilet and be aware of its amazing benefits, then a better tomorrow is not too far from us.

[box type=”info”] O – One vision, hand in hand, heart to heart.

T- Together we can make it happened if we will only help each other we can achieve a better tomorrow for our children.

T – Today is the start of a new beginning, beautiful and wonderful.

O – Only if you believe that there is a future for us with our eco-friendly ways and ideas, then I know we will able to have a better life. With OTTO Waterless Urinal,  Waterless is more….. [/box]

Don’t let your hard earned money go down the drain:

There are many male urinals you can buy but think twice, are you getting a fair deal for your money?  Many luxurious bowls are on the market today but there is no far greater thing than the the fact that we can help save water and as far as I can see, this is the great choice for  a fair deal.  You can save money, you can also save our Mother Earth.

Great Invention, great eco-mind

And the most amazing part of all , This great idea was invented by a fellow Filipino named Jerry Ong.  Now, i am wondering if every Filipino will have a green mind to help our environment, then we will be living in a more greener earth.  Let us make this happen!

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  1. This urinal is great, less water means SAVINGS !

  2. Jane Robles says

    Go-go-go for greener earth!

  3. wow! this is amazing!!! I wish every toilet especially in public are like this. I cant bear to see sometimes how many liters of water we are wasting every flush we made 🙁 if only we had a choice not to flush but no. I wish our toilet is like that too!

  4. this is new to me…thanks for sharing. I want to congratulate Mr. Jerry Ong for his brilliant idea. 🙂

  5. I have seen this kind of urinal in Alabang and in some areas in Makati but this is quite expensive. The malls nearby are still using the regular one because this urinal won’t work if there are a lot of people using the toiler. Maybe for offices and residential, this might just be the thing we need so we can at least save water. – Eihdra

  6. that’s really great it can save earth as early as now. thank for the info sis.

  7. This is a great product! Like you, I also try to live green as possible. And I agree, the toilet consumes a lot of water!

    I hope this will be made affordable so everyone can benefit from it and we will all make Mother Earth a happy place to live in, specially for our children.

  8. This sounds very interesting. I’ll look it up in my spare time. I’d really like to know more about the waterless urinal.

  9. wow, interesting! and very informative post!

    me too, the bathroom is my fave place at home hehe.. will try to consume less water as possible.

  10. Looks like a great invention!

  11. wow! very interesting… by the way, subscribed and confirmed here sis!

  12. Wow this is an amazing post.. I didnt know there is a waterless urinal.. have to check more on this.. thanks for a great.. Live green. Go green!

  13. Pinay Green Mommy says

    We all want to make a difference.. its nice to read blogs with green niche.. and this waterless urinal would be a great help to conserve water.

    lets all help mother earth.. 🙂 Go Green!!

  14. Establishments should start using this. Very informative post Ria. And this is Filipino made you say! The more we should support this! Go Pinoy, Go green!

  15. very informative and interesting post sis.. let’s go clean and green.:-)

  16. Hahahaha… It reminds me of relieving myself in a mountainside. I had no choice, there’s no bathroom or comfort room around. You only bring one “tabo” to clean yourself.

    Seriously, thank you for sharing, it’s very informative. It makes us aware of the eco-living style we have now.

  17. Elinor Semira says

    Wow, this product is amazing, not just good for the environment but also worth your money. Hats off to you Mr. Jerry Ong & thanks for the info.

  18. now this is pretty interesting…I love the whole concept.

  19. This is very useful blog not just giving information but we
    advocate us on how to take good care of our nature on his bright way.
    Being a mother I used REUSE bag when I go to the market It’s one of my way of taking good care of our nature.

  20. merry jane carbungco ocol says

    mall and other establishment shall use this king of urinals.. they can help our country promte clean and green

  21. phinkymommy says

    WOW! i haven’t heard or see this kind of urinal yet! Awesome, great information. If all of us will use OTTO Waterless urinal, we could save water & save our Mother Earth. Great inventions & yes, it’s a solution for a better eco-living.

  22. gessa marie says

    this one is cool huh.. 🙂 ive seen their promo in fb too.. raffle? 🙂 good luck to you!

  23. gessa marie says

    this one is cool huh.. 🙂 ive seen their promo in fb too.. raffle? 🙂 good luck to you! yay!

  24. Nice article. It really helps the environment. Its nice to know that there’s a thing like that , that can contribute to the awareness of the environment and using that we can conserve water. What a nice idea, interesting and informative post. Go green!

  25. very interesting!this waterless urinal would be a great help to conserve water.
    Go green!!! 🙂

  26. Very well said. I had used this waterless urinal earlier on my Medical Examination.

  27. great invention! great idea! very interesting! let’s all help to save our environment so we can have continuous access to clean and safe water.

  28. eco friendly, water saving and a great innovation for this modern world

  29. What a relief it is to know that modern technologies nowadays are eco-driven. I’m just worrying what will happen in the future if the people will not think of ways on how to preserve the earth. This OTTO Waterless urinal is a brilliant idea to conserve water.

  30. This is the first time I’ve heard of this waterless urinal and I think it’s great especially now that we have been experiencing water shortage. I hope this can be introduced to far flung provinces and areas where there’s a scarcity of water.

  31. great inventions! this is really helpful to reduce the consumption of water.

  32. this is one of the best invention that was able to help Mother Earth.. I hope more companies and household would use this kind of waterless urinal

  33. Nice article, it is about time that establishments and building contractors consider using this in their projects….it is about time return the favor to Mother Earth

  34. water shortage is really one serious problem that we ought to each do our share in conserving water now. this is quite an innovative product, let’s hope the big companies caught on + start using this in their offices..thanks for sharing sis Ria 🙂

  35. This waterless urinal from OTTO is such an amazing product! We should have this one for our household! 🙂

  36. Very informative 🙂 Water is life! save water, save life!!

  37. Wow, such a wonderful and amazing invention made by a fellow Pinoy! I’m hoping this will be made more affordable so that not only companies, but even households can also benefit from it. Kudos to Mr. Jerry Ong! 🙂

  38. Waterless urinal from OTTO is the best Innovation that I witness. Never did i know that it would be possible to not use water in this kind of situation. KUDOS to Otto and shortage of watter will be lessen


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