Waterless with Otto

Can you still remember my contest post regarding the Otto Waterless manufactured by Arrow Home Improvements?  Yes, I won 2nd prize on that contest and I thank you so much for all your support and comments.

I also had a chance to finally see the real toilet bowl or famously called as OTTO Waterless urinal.  It’s very stylish and hygienic. It promote green living because of the huge savings that you can get and of course, you can save a lot of tons of water for plushing.

OTTO Waterless

It has a special product that absorbs the urine and the liquid that was used can lasts up to three months. That’s a huge savings. Because unlike with other urinal like this, you need to throw the strainer while OTTO Waterless Urinal, you can clean them using soap and water.

The blue liquid that you saw beside this bowl is the liquid that you will use inside the urinal.  It separates the urine and remove any bad odor thus leaving your toilet clean and fresh.  You don’t need to worry because this liquid does not contain harmful ingredients.

This day that we are having scarcity in water.  This product can help us save more and help our environment more friendlier.

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  1. Sandy Cain says

    This is very interesting. I’ve never heard of a waterless urinal before. This would be great out in a workshop or garage – stop the guys from “watering” the roses!

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