Ways in which casinos are becoming more environmentally friendly

Casinos are a billion dollar industry around the world. With the aim of attracting customers by using flashing lights and music, casinos have long been large users of electricity. In recent years, focus has been placed on the need to reduce our energy usage to protect our planet. Given this trend, casinos are becoming much more environmentally friendly. Today’s casinos are becoming greener in their operations.

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Land based casinos are finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Water consumption has been dramatically slashed at many casinos. Grey water from kitchens and bathrooms found within the casino is being recycled. This doesn’t contain any human waste but could contain grease, food, cleaning products and similar items. Grey water is used for irrigation purposes which reduces the demand for water. 70% of water waste from a casino is grey water. Online casinos are also doing their part by providing a way in which to enjoy casino gambling with a small carbon footprint. Many consumers are looking to online casino games such as online slots at Jackpot City to fulfil their gaming needs. By staying home to gamble, fuel is not needed to drive to the land based casino.

Casinos also require heating systems to generate heat not only to make rooms feel comfortable but to also heat water needed in the casino. Some casinos have found ways to collect excess heat given off from boiler systems. This can then be funneled to power generators and put to use elsewhere. The end result is reducing the amount of electricity needed. When casinos significantly reduce the need for electricity, they also help improve air quality as pollution is reduced. Maintaining boiler systems also maintains efficiency. 66% of all boiler failures result from failing to perform routine maintenance. This regular maintenance also helps them to run more efficiently.

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