Ways to Go Green at Work- Green Monday #14

There are lots of ways to go green even at work.  Having a greener workplace meaning a higher ecological footprint and a healthier and more productive environment.  It’s not very hard to go green but sometimes we tend to forget and just ignore it because we are not the one paying for the dues or sometimes we are just careless.  Knowing how to go green at work is a very big deal for our environment.  Let us all start within ourselves.

Start the attitude of going green and let’s make an eco-friendly earth.  The work begins with you.  Be empowered, you don’t need the management to tell you to change or to help your office to go green.  You can do it because you care.

  • Conserve computer energy –  Because of the great demand of the digital age, we used computer for a long period of time.  Set your computer to energy saving and make sure to shut them when you leave.    Your monitor/display can be set to sleep or  Turn off after 15 minutes or less or system standby or sleep when not in use.  Make sure to off your printer or scanner when not in use.  Unplug power adapter when not in use.  Unplug battery when the charging is already finished.  You can also use laptop because it’s consume around 50 watts of energy while in use compared to a computer and monitor, which consumes around 270 watts of energy.

how i wish to have one

  • For printing –  try not to used color ink if possible.  When you are just making a draft, make sure to use a recycled paper and use the double side to maximize the use of paper.  (at our office, we use brown paper for all the draft and we only use the white coupon bonds when it’s the final work.
  • Recycle ink and cartridge. (Don’t just throw them away, you can sell them in some shops who buy cartridges)

  • Don’t be a paper pusher.  Is it necessary to print what’s in your e-mail? Make it necessary to go paperless if it’s really possible to do so and if you have no choice but to print everything.  Make sure to use recycled and chlorine free paper.  Save and re-use old boxes and use old sheet of paper as scratch or for note-taking.  You can also use Pens and pencils that are made from recycled materials, and refillable pens and markers are  more  preferable than the  disposable ones. Use notebooks that are also comes from recycled materials.

i go for green notebooks

  • Recycle –  If you can’t avoid using plastic in your work.  You can also recycle them to avoid buying them over and over again.

I needed them for my job but i only bought a new one when it is necessary.

  • Go green with the energy –  Instead of using light bulbs, you can use compact fluorescent lamps.  Turn off all the lights and electric fans before you go home.

my office electric fan

  • Greening your Lunch Time – you can bring your own food at work using your reusable containers.  It is less expensive and you will be able to save a great deal of money  and you also minimize the use of plastic from ordering from carinderia or fast food.  Use plates and glasses that is re-usable or can be wash.   You can also eat organic foods thus helping you to be healthy and gear towards green living.

green lunchbox

  • Green your desk .  Get an indoor plant.  Having a plant beside you brings productivity, cleaning your air , absorbs air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen thus helping you breath a more fresher air.

we so love our clerk or court’s plant. Actually we are requesting to have one!

  • Work from Home –  It’s a way to save many things  but this is only applicable if your a businessman or working online.

my little space at home where i do my online works  – can you see our green sofa?  That’s one of the product of my online salary. 

  • Go green in transportation –  if you can walk, go walk.  It can save you more but if you are using your own transportation, you might try to commute, take a public transportation once in a week, it can help reduce the carbon dioxide coming from your car.  Business travelling can also cost a tons of money and stress too,  if you can just use telecommunications to deal with clients.  Do so!

our green motorcycle

Start on your own! Spread the word.  Be an example for everyone and others will follow.   Share your green living ideas now! I hope you get some ideas on ways to go green at work.

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  1. I’ve been paperless with my bills as I pay everything online.

  2. plenty of green here huh? hehehe… very nice!

  3. that’s a lot of green..:)

    i specially love the motorcycle. I miss riding one..;)

  4. wow..so greeeeeennn:) happy green monday sissy..mine is up!

  5. chubskulit says

    Wow that’s a lot of green hehehe. Am back to green monday sis. Not sure why but sometimes, my browser wouldn’t let me in to some WP blogs wahhh..

  6. I am glad I found another advocate of green living! kudos to what you are doing…keep it up!

  7. interesting post here. going extra mile to “go green”. keep it up.

  8. linking up my other post here for ur green meme

  9. great post. i’m amazed at how you keep living “green”. hope i can, too:)

  10. wow daming green mo sis.. i like the painting ung near sa door 😀

  11. I love the green, green, fan sis! and i agree, one can contribute to having a green world by walking instead of using gas! 🙂 we bike a lot and it helps, too! 🙂

    I have several GREEN SCENES which I’ve captured while in motion. I hope you can visit me at my page! 🙂

  12. wow! these are eye-refreshing 🙂

  13. Back in school we already have this styro-free campaign, which encourages the use of re-usable food containers and peper boxes. 🙂

  14. Wow, everything in your house is green. it’s obvious that the whole family love green.


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