Weegro Cloth Diaper : For the love of Cloth

cloth diaper

cloth diaper

You might have read many times how i still favor cloth diaper but I’m not denying the fact that I have been using disposable diaper in the evening.  Moms has the options to choose what they think is best for their children.  The choice to use cloth diaper or disposable diapers can be a big impact in our environment and choosing the first can be a big savings. (you do the mathematics)  Cloth diapers are eco-friendly does give a big difference and it provides a better moisture for your baby’s skin.

weegro cloth diapers

I’m lucky on winning this Weegro cloth diaper cover from Baby Nate Shop  and we have been using it for a month or two.  I have to put this one to the test before recommending them to my readers and I’m quite satisfied with the result it provides.

Weegro Cloth Diaper cover is one size fits all.  So, you can use this from birth and i think as long as your baby can fit.  It has snap closure with hip snaps  with small to large settings. What i also like on this cover is the cute design on the back which my boy loves to look at.  It fits really well does preventing any leakage .

inside view of the cotton insert

The best part of this is you have the options to put the cloth lining on the inner pocket which you only need to remove when you feel that your baby is already wet but you need to check the inside because in our situation , it doesn’t easily get wet on the outside.  So, i can use the cover for about two or three times, (i only need to change the cloth linings on the inside) But despite this, my baby never experienced rashes unlike with disposable diapers, (it can sometimes cause rashes )

This is indeed a great savings on our part and i don’t need to worry when we run out of disposable diapers for night because i always have this to back me up.

If you wish to save more  and decided to switch from disposable to cloth diaper.  Do check out Baby nate shop because she offers different cloth diapers that you would surel love.

addendum:  i also got an AVA cloth diaper as additional freebie from her.  🙂


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  1. Sandy Cain says

    I love cloth diapers. Better for the environment, better for the wallet, and of course, better for baby!


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