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Made from 100% Natural Wood,  WeWood Wooden Watches brings you closer to nature. Each time pieces is created without artificial and toxic materials.

Woods are  very common materials used in many things around the house, office and just everything but the sad thing is the fact that after cutting the trees, many manufacturers and company tend to forgot to replace them with new one.  Remember that trees takes time to grow  thus if you cut them today, we may end up not having enough trees in the future and that would bring not just financial loss but a big loss to our environment and our world.

Woods that are used in WeWoods watches are sustainable , either reclaimed or remnants . They are commonly used for craftswork or musical instrument or ornamental purposes. These trees are Red wing celtics, blackwoods, maple, Guaiaco, indian rosewood, coffee tree, teak wood.

WeWood in partnership with American Forests and Trees for the Future will plant one tree  for every time piece purchased, you can even get a certificate of donation as a proof of your commitment . Print a personalized Certificate of Donation.


My Thoughts:

I got a chance to receive a WeWood Date Beige watch.  The watches is just what I have expected,  beautiful and perfectly crafted.  Wearing one gives the feeling of closer to earth.  It’s not big or very small so it would fit men and women alike.  I have always salute the idea of giving back to nature and Wewood advocacy to help plant a tree is something very worthy.

Although the price of $120 – $140 may stop you and think for a while, it’s still an affordable and worthy purchase since the watch is very unique and something you can be proud of.  You know that with right use, this watch will last for a long time, I just have no idea until when the movement will last but since it uses Miyota movement  manufactured by citizen, i assure that it would last for years since I have one which was a gift from my father since my high school years.

You might also check their Date Teak watch  made from 100% recycled teak wood .  It is more than 10 years old and is 100% recycled. A great piece to own or as a gift to your love one.

Date Teak Watch


Check out and get their collection of different WeWood watches or you can follow them on their Facebook or Twitter page to learn more updates.


Now, here’s the best part.  Wewood is very generous to offer one of my readers a chance to have their very own Wewood Date beige watch value at $120.  Watch out on another post on how you can join.

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  1. More and more things are being designed with wood. From bass speakers to wrist watches. It is interesting to see how designers are getting more ecological. Before it’s all about metals and plastics. I hope this change is really beneficial to Mother Earth.

  2. The watch is very unique, I love how it was made of, the wood sounds so green to me. I was truly intrigue with this piece of watch! So brilliant!

  3. That would be so unique to give for Father’s day. Will check this out.

  4. Very neat packaging, perfect gift for any season. Price is reasonable too not bad for a great quality.

  5. jared's mum says

    Watches made from wood is a class of its own, it has its own unique sense of style + I love that it is eco-friendly. I would love to have one + will definitely be back to join your giveaway!

  6. This is a wonderful gift item for anyone. 🙂

  7. Watch’a unique. . . yeas this is really perfect for father’s day gift

  8. That’s very cool and unique never seen anything like that yet. I wonder how comfortable that is

  9. Cool! I’d definitely want one, if it helps Mother Nature, all the more reason to want one! 😀

  10. jennifer wexler says

    this watch is so unique, I would love to own one

  11. Romana Harris says

    This is an amazing idea! Big ups to keeping it all natural!

  12. Dorothy Teel says

    I think it is wonderful that these watches are being made from wood and that they participate in plant a tree, I imagine that quite a few watches can be made with tree branches, and that the tree is substainable. I believe in this as good use of a resource, besides just using wood for firewood, or burning.. Thank you..

  13. Holly Thomas says

    I love the concept and the watches are awesome!!

  14. I love the fact that they use reclaimed wood for their watches, and then go one step further and plant a tree for each watch sold. WeWood sounds like a great company.

  15. Sandy Cain says

    Sustainable – this is a responsible company that participates in re-planting trees! Doesn’t get any better!

  16. Sandy VanHoey says

    I would have never guessed a watch could have been made from wood like this and I love it. Talk about a conversation piece and very nice looking as well

  17. Renea Greathouse says

    I love the look of all the watches and knowing that something so gorgeous is made of 100% recycled wood makes me even more intrigued about the company. They would make great gifts for Fathers day, birthdays or Christmas.My hubby would be tickled at receiving such a watch and knowing a tree was planted after the purchase. We love eco conscious companies!

  18. Robin Wilson says

    I love that we can own a wonderful timepiece without a harmful impact on our environment! These are absolutely lovely to boot! I can only imagine the quantity of remnants they are able to recover and use that would otherwise be destroyed! Wonderful, planet conscious company!

  19. annie page says

    I think that going green is a great idea and the watches are so lovely and made with nature is awesome. The quality of the product of being recycable when it wheres are and can go by to nature is cool.

  20. annie page says

    I would love to win because having a part of natural so close to you can be so lovely might inspire others to go natural with more and more products and us as indivuals get inspired to do our share. Its like wearing a conversational piece to spread the word about the product and saving mother nature who we all need to live.

  21. great gift idea for Fathers Day!

  22. rebeka deleon says

    i love that this is made of wood. so unique and i have never seen them before! i would love to get it for my husband for father’s day since i am a stay at home mommy.

  23. sharon shafran says

    this looks like a good deal thanks

  24. Sandie W says

    I love the wood. It’s very unique and the fact that it’s green is even better. It would be a great conversation piece and a way to break in to let others know that you support green living.

  25. They are really unique and beautiful! I even love the little looking crate box looking thing sooo cool never saw it b4 till right now where have I been? Go wood watches! Awesome!

  26. krista lafave says

    I love that it is 100% green and what an unique idea!! Very cool that they replant tree!!

  27. Angela W says

    All natural watch…what a great idea. These watches are GOOD LOOKING and yet eco-friendly. Love it

  28. These are beautiful standout time pieces. I love that they sre made from recycled wood and then company is planting a tree for every watch sold. It’s beauty all around and great for our environment.

  29. Vivien L says

    I think it’s great the watch is made of scrap and reclaimed wood.

  30. Carolyn Colley says

    I think it is awesome, eco-friendly is nice too.

  31. Beautiful watches!

  32. Carmela Jones says

    I think it is a natural idea to use time pieces to inspire people to conserve on this planet. I would love to win this watch.

  33. I have never heard of anything like this. super cute and unique. I would love to win it to give to my daughter who is very environmental and health conscious.

  34. Kathy flanagan says

    I think this watch is a wonderful and unique. I would like to win it for my hubby for fathers day.

  35. Christian Alejandro says

    These are excellent gift ideas. They are green and really neat!

  36. They look beautifully made.

  37. Great looking watch, and environmentally friendly? Sign me up!

  38. Elenora Spears says

    These are so unique. I hope I win a watch to give to my Father.

  39. Sharon Siqueiros says

    These are some of the most beautiful watches I’ve ever seen! The concept is wonderful and being green puts the icing on the cake!

  40. This is so cool and attractive! I’d like to buy one for my husband.

  41. Renee Travis says

    These are so unique and gorgeous. I like the fact that you are partnered to plant a tree for each one sold. That is awesome. More companies should do this! 🙂

  42. rebekah arnold says

    These are such a great idea! I would love to have one. What a wonderful idea.

  43. krista grandstaff says

    LOVE the idea that these are made from sustainable woods…and that the teak watch is 100% recycled…I think most people tend to not wear watches any longer, but I do wear one every day ( I’m that crazy person who refuses to own a cell phone..lol) and am already on their site looking for my next one 🙂

  44. Richard Hicks says

    love these eco friendly watches. They are so different and unique

  45. I love this watch and would love to have one

  46. Jeannie Eplion-Holley says

    How amazing is it that a time piece can be made of natural substance. Love this idea 🙂

  47. Hailie J says

    I love these beautiful watches, they also send a beautiful message.

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