What Are the Precautions to be Taken During Floods?

According to National Geographic, floods are one of nature’s most destructive, natural hazards. Floods are common in many communities, even those without a natural waterway. Flash foods can be caused by heavy rainfall, associated with a thunderstorm. If your area is experiencing flood warnings, listen to the authorities who have accurate weather map software, but be prepared for anything.

If a Flood Is Imminent

Have a bag packed with necessities, such as medications, insurance information and personal items. Assemble disaster supplies, such as drinking water, toiletries, first aid supplies, flashlights, a battery-powered radio and extra batteries.  If authorities recommend evacuation, do so immediately. If you have time, bring in your outdoor furniture and move essentials to an upper floor. Disconnect electrical devices and appliances. Turn off the main power, if you can do so safely or are instructed to.

flood awareness

During a Flood

Foodwaters are often more powerful than they appear. National Geographic reports that no other natural disaster has caused more deaths and destruction than floods. Follow these precautions:


  • Don’t drive into a flooded area. If you are in your car and the floodwaters are rising around the vehicle, abandon the car and move to higher ground, provided that it is safe.
  • Don’t walk in moving water. If you do have to move around, walk in places where the water isn’t moving. You can use a stick or cane to check the ground in front of you for stability.
  • Don’t touch electrical equipment. Look for downed wires when you do have to move around.
  • Seek higher ground during a flood.
  • Remember that flash floods develop quickly. Don’t wait to see rising water to evacuate.
  • If a person falls into flood waters, don’t try to go after the person. Use a floatation device to rescue them. Call 911 immediately.

Monitor your surroundings with a lightning tracker during a storm. Always wait for authorities to clear the area before returning to your home.

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