Why Choose Vinyl Railings or PVC Railings over Aluminum Railings

A good railing goes a long way towards protecting your property, and ensuring boundaries are properly marked. As a homeowner, you must choose railings that offer safety and style for your home. When choosing railings for your property, you might be torn between the different options available. If you have been thinking about getting metal railings, here is why you should opt for vinyl railings instead.

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Vinyl railings and PVC Railings are maintenance free

While it is your duty as a homeowner to ensure proper maintenance of your home, it is so much better if your home requires minimal maintenance to look good. This not only saves on money but time as well. Vinyl railings or PVC railings do not rust, peel, corrode or blister like metal railings. You do not need to seal or paint vinyl railings. Once the railing is put up, all you will need to do is hose it down once in a while, and it will be as good as new. One cannot say the same for aluminum railings.

Variety of styles, colors and textures

As far as styles, colors and textures are concerned, aluminum is boring. The style and color options for aluminum are very limited, and you might find yourself lacking what you want. However, vinyl has a wide array of colors, textures and styles to choose from. You can choose textures that mimic other materials, such as natural wood, for that natural theme that is in touch with your home’s overall look.

Vinyl doesn’t fade

Years of exposure to the harsh rays of the sun will lead to fading, and if you have aluminum railings you will be required to keep re-painting. Vinyl railings are the solution to this problem, as they come with color and fade protection that offers resistance against the sun’s rays. PVC railings and vinyl railings have a great life expectancy.

Vinyl railings and PVC railings are stronger and more flexible

Railings absorb impact on an everyday basis, be it from the occasional lawn mower or tree limbs. If you choose aluminum railings, you will have to deal with kinking and bending. Vinyl railings are stronger and more flexible in this respect, and a great choice for anyone who can foresee situations where impact will be an everyday thing as far as the railings is concerned.

If you have always preferred aluminum over vinyl, but have had to deal with lots of maintenance bills, now you understand why. Vinyl railings are a great once-off investment that does not require constant re-investment (read maintenance and repair) for a great return. “Many homeowners and businesses are discovering the advantages of cost-effective vinyl or PVC railings and enjoying the low maintenance these railings provide,” says Ihab Barrawi, President and CEO of BuyRailings.com.

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