Women’s Month – Living the Green Life

It’s Women’s Month now and many establishments and companies are promoting drives, encourage or encouraging many women to be active in different activities.  Our city also participates in celebrating Women’s Month by featuring each of the Barangay’s livelihood program.

It was a great move because they are encouraging every barangay to have a livelihood program thus promoting and helping the constituents to earn especially those who are just at home with no jobs.

Here are some of the pictures of the event!

helping communities one step at a time

Below are the products made by different barangay:  If you happen to like something, you can order them through me!  Just leave a pm and i’ll get to you soon as a I’m available!

Bag made from water lily

Bag made from water lily

Boxes made from water lily

This boxes are set of three , this is the big one, there is a medium and a small one too!

Pearls and Beads headband and bracelet

I actually bought this one to add in my collection !  (for price, just leave a note)

bead and pearl headband (in different colors)

Pili nuts

Green Earth- one way to save our planet from tsunamis
Go Green Wallpaper

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