World Water Day 2012

Water is very important not just for us but for all the living plants and animals that form part of this world.  But because of our continuous waste, water in some places become scarce and very hard to find.  I do hope and pray that we as a human being who knows and have the means to help will do the bigger part to protect and conserve our water.

water and food advocacy by UN


Each of us has the right to do whatever we wanted but we must always remember that we are also the one who is contributing a big amount to destroy not just our water but also our environment. Fishing is one of the biggest source of livelihood in many country especially those who live by the sea or the ocean but somehow fishes are dying and could not be replaced because of the heartless act of dynamite fishing and those illegal fisherman , with this we are endangering not just our sea and all the aquatic animals but also the food that can be served in our dining table.

We must act now before it is too late. You don’t need to be a fisherman to have a part , just by sharing and spreading the word can help many people.

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