Yin and Yang on green living

Yin Yang

Do you believe that all the things in our life are interconnected with each other.  Yin  represents black while Yang being the white side , totally opposite but this two  could not exists without each other.  They say opposite attracts and that’s one fact I can attest to.

Yin and Yang can also be applied in our own home, there are places that needs to be silent or tranquil or we can definitely say, a place for our relaxation just like our bedroom or our comfort room.  These areas does not need loud or active objects and cool colors are always favorable.  In contrast, our living room and dining room where we often meet and dine together are the Yang part of the house and needs lively objects.

Incorporating Yin and Yang in our home can definitely make any dull place into a modern, chic and  eco green home which is needed to achieve and create a well balanced and harmonious place.  When thinking of renovating your home, make sure the four elements are present, rock, water, plants and architecture, these four makes a perfect combination of a well balanced Yin and yang.


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  2. oh, i cannot get in to the site to get GM code…
    and. thanks for the tip on the emphasis on the elements needed to provide positive aura in every homes.

  3. very informative post about yin and yang sis…thanks for sharing..danda nang model….:)

  4. Swerti daw ito sa bahay diba according to chines feng shui ba yan

  5. first time to join this Meme!

  6. well said, sometimes we need opposite things to make our life more interesting, or else we’ll be living in a lifeless and boring world.
    joining late for green monday..
    here’s my post

  7. Hmmm. Sounds very interesting, Sis. Thanks for the info about the 4 elements that needs to be present at home.

  8. this is a cool yin and yang! teehee lovet!

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