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I must admit,  I’m a lollipop baby.  I guess, even at my age, i still love them.  Who couldn’t resist this yummy treats, surely not me. Yum Earth organic lollipops sure is something/.

So, when I have heard that there’s an organic lollipop in the market, I immediately told myself, why I haven’t learn it before? Perhaps the same reason that I have overly indulge myself on my present favorites but now that I have found YumEarth Organic Lollipops, i will never going back to my old one.

Why? For three very simple but definite answer;

1. YumEarth Lollipops are way delicious and i can’t get over it. Each lollies tastes true to its flavor.

2.  Each lollipops came from real fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients grown using sustainable farming. It has no no gluten, peanuts, or tree-nuts does I am assured that I and my kids are eating healthy treats.

3. It’s not as sweet as the other lollipops making it my all time-favorite.

No wonder, YumEarth is the leading organic candy brands in America because they are simply fabulous and I assure you, you can’t get enough of this treats.  Now, don’t tell me I didn’t warned you.

Now, even our pretty K  can’t get enough of this lollipops.

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Visit YumEarth to learn about their different yummy treats or you can also follow them on facebook to learn more about their latest updates.  You can also buy from the nearest retail stores around your vicinity.

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  1. If you have kids sensitive to food colorings or are just trying to avoid artificial ingredients, these are great treats to have. My children have only recently made the adjustment from commercial, artificially flavored and colored candies. So, they are picky about organic treats. These lollipops have passed the test with my eight children. Their quality control seems to be pretty good (something I don’t always see with organic foods), and the flavors and colors are really nice (not boring or tasteless). I keep these on hand to trade for candies others give them that they are not able to eat (due to sensitivities with food coloring).

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