Zalora Finds – Finding your sole mate

Finding that one perfect partner you could spend your precious moments with is not as easy as you think it is. Sometimes you would feel like you have found the one, but would end up realizing that you deserve something better.

I was all alone in one fine day. I had no plans in mind, no specific place to go.  So, i thought it would be nice to browse the net.  And then I found this one site that sells different fashion stuff.  I fell in love with it’s amazing brands and wide array of products. All I could do was browse and look at the pictures on my screen.  Zalora is definitely something that arouse your passion for everything pretty. I would end up stopping and looking at one product, but then I would still feel incomplete and would go to the next. Then there it was, just pop on my eyes and I couldn’t take my eyes away from it.  I felt everything froze into place.  Time literally stopped. I saw myself wanting it.  I was excited, ecstatic. I was literally floating in the air with the thought of owning it.

After what seem like hours of floating , there it was. It was right in front of me, it looked like it was shining and glittering, maybe it was, maybe it really did. I entered to take a closer look and  zoom it widely that I was even captivated by its beauty. I envisioned myself wearing it.  Ooh, it must me a pretty sight. Something that my friends would envy. 

cln memorata zalora

Finally I have found my sole mate. I have found that one perfect shoe that would bring me to pretty places.  A nice day affair with my friends or perhaps an intimate dinner with my love one.  I have finally found the perfect fit. This will be the start of my long love affair with Memorata by CLN,   I have never felt so sure and yes I did.  

love kiss

How about you?  Have you had that experience in your life.  Do you own a perfect pair of shoes?  If you haven’t , you shouldn’t pass this opportunity of finding it. Check out Zalora for all womens shoes Philippines,  you will find not just shoes but bags and different trendy fashion wear too.  


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