ZumZum Balance Bike – Eco-friendly bike of the future

Nowadays everything is about eco-friendly and organic products. People are getting more aware and concern about the environment, thus leaning into more nature inspired and environment friendly products and inventions.

The ZumZum for example is one of the most innovative, modern and eco-friendly forward inventions of today. With a carefully planned and engineered body, this genius invention is indeed the coolest balance bike with natural suspension to date.

This innovative bike for kids has no pedals but will definitely teach your kids how to ride with ease. Children as young as 18 months will definitely enjoy playing around with this pedal-free and adjustable bike. It features non-marking pneumatic rubber tires so you can allow your kids to bike around indoors without having to fear about damaging your floors and carpets. It also features a comfortable design seat that may seem so simple in design but very comfortable for kids to ride on. The patented design suspension frame is what makes this bike special. It allows the rider to go around without a pedal.

Imagine your kids learning how to balance without having to strain their legs in the process. No messy grease on their skirts and pants as well every time they ride this bike. The adjustable frame height and wheelbase featured in this bike also allows the bike to carry big kids. So that’s less worries of having your kids outgrow their toy at a short period of time. It is strong and durable and can last even with your misfits playing around with the bike daily.

The zumzum balance bike is not just a toy but us a device design to help promote strength and balance in your kids. Since it’s lightweight, you can bring it anywhere, everywhere you go. Bring it on the park or during picnic trips with your kids. The ZumZum is indeed a wonderful product that should be out and about in the market.

Now, until February 7, you can check this amazing bike at Kickstarter.  They are offering the bike for a bargain price of (199$ instead of 249$). Be the first to own this eco-bike of the future by being one of the Early Birds (78 left) for 159$.

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